Release summary – September 2021

Jomablue is driven by a promise to provide leading features at the forefront of digital experience. These product enhancements enable customers to deliver better experiences, more quickly and easily, to the benefit of both organizers and event attendees.

Jomablue Q&A

Power question and answer opportunities during virtual event sessions. Now, this vital engagement tool is built into Jomablue.

  • Moderate and edit questions 
  • Attendees can vote to support questions they want to be answered first.
  • Experts respond to questions either with written text or during a live Q & A.

NEW: Jomablue Live Stream for Simulated Live

The new, built-in solution for streaming Simulated Live presentations.

  • Manage and stream presentations all from within Jomablue. 
  • Streamline the event creation processes and save time. No need to manage external providers.
  • Leading third-party providers supported for those who wish to use them – e.g. 5 Stream and IBM Cloud.

NEW: Hosted Broadcast List

Provide a virtual green room experience for Hosts to access a list of their upcoming live stream sessions.

  • A pre-broadcast space to welcome and prepare hosts for their presentations.
  • The Speaker Manager can chat online or have a video call directly within the green room. 
  • Hosts can view session times, access additional resources, and when the time comes LAUNCH their Broadcast.

NEW: Jomablue Live Stream 

The simplest way to present Broadcast and Simulated Live content – now live streaming directly from Jomablue.

  • Take control of Broadcast presentations with a built-in streaming solution.
  • Support Simulated Live Stream presentations with more streamlined delivery.
  • Simple setup of live streaming for your event with no need for AV experience.

Timezone Detection

Audiences benefit from viewing event information in local time wherever they are.

  • When a person is not in the local event timezone, a message displays saying the timezone has been changed.
  • Event content is dynamically updated to display in the local time.
  • Time zones can be manually changed if desired.

IMPROVED:  Promote event pages

Reveal event content to share vital information or build anticipation around event activity:

  • When an attendee is logged in they will land directly on the desired page.
  • If they are not logged in they will be taken to a login page.
  • Then automatically directed to the page they want.

Self-managed lead export

Event organizers can share lead data more easily from inside Jomablue. Organizers gain greater control over when and how lead data is provided to sponsors.

Jomablue Learning Community

A dedicated customer Community packed with learning resources to fast-track user success.

To find out more about how these great new features can power your next event, contact our experts.

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