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We bring your ideas and vision for success to life—with one platform for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

Our Company

Our Story

Jomablue creates solutions that let you bring people together in engaging ways, understand how attendees behave, capture data you can use to drive conversions and long-term loyalty, and demonstrate your return on investment.

Initially founded as an event services provider in 2001, the Jomablue team spent over a decade helping people deliver quality events. We learnt a great deal about event industry challenges.

As the digital economy emerged, it was clear that technology had the power to make event experiences more seamless and personalized—when used to its full potential.

In 2014, Jomablue’s founder David Haysom-McDowell and Chief Technology Officer Matt Hnatojko seized the opportunity to build a platform to meet the growing demand for insights and frictionless customer experiences.

Jomablue quickly became sought after for its flexible and cutting-edge solutions—always designed with human interaction and meaningful data collection in mind.

Always innovating

From our award-winning mobile check-in, which streamlines arrivals at in-person events but still allows each guest to be greeted personally, by name, to our Smart Badge technology helping marketers see how audiences engage during an event – we are constantly striving to build technology that makes the event experience better for attendees and the management experience better for organisers.

Over time, Jomablue has continued to innovate: clever registration tools, sophisticated marketing workflows, engaging virtual event pages, CRM integrations, and a modern browser-based app, all supported by powerful serverless infrastructure.

We’re spurred on by our desire to help event professionals clearly see and shape the attendee experience across an event’s entire lifecycle.

We believe there should be fewer limits on how event organizers bring their ideas to life and understand the impact of the experiences they create.

After all, executing events to exacting standards is no mean feat. You deserve easy-to-use tools and detailed insights into the success of your event, whatever your goals may be.

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