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Welcome the built-in option for event streaming

What’s new at Jomablue?

Jomablue is committed to delivering industry-leading features for the events industry. We want to make event delivery easier, faster, cheaper, and more engaging for attendees. Jomablue Live Stream is the new, built-in solution for streaming Simulated Live presentations and further realizes this promise.

Jomablue customers have always had the flexibility to choose leading providers such as 5Stream and IBM Cloud. Additionally, clients now benefit from the option to broadcast simulated live presentations using a feature built-in to the Jomablue platform.

What is a Simulated Live presentation?

Jomablue Simulated Live is a mechanism for reducing the variables associated with a live presentation. It works by using video content polished by post-production editing and enhancements. The final recording is then uploaded into Jomablue. All organizers need to do is schedule the session time and content will stream to their audience as if it is live. For more information about the benefits of Simulated Live Stream see this article

How do built-in tools support event delivery?

There are many benefits to developing a live stream feature native to Jomablue:

  • It empowers teams with a single place to schedule, administer, and deliver event experiences.
  • It is more streamlined when compared to the time spent managing multiple platform providers.
  • All in one place for billing, configuration, and management.
  • If troubleshooting is needed we are in the best place to address issues.

Is third-party steaming still an option?

We continue to offer the flexibility of choice to customers. For event organizers wanting to use an existing supplier, you can leverage our available third-party providers. Alternatively, keep things simple and maximize the potential of Jomablue’s full suite of features, all in one place.

What does the future hold?

Jomablue Live Stream will initially be used for Simulated Live recordings that are pre-recorded and uploaded into Jomablue before being streamed to an audience. In the near future we will see a broader application of the Live Stream feature, so stay tuned.

To utilize this leading feature for your next event, contact our experts. They will happily advise how to make the best of your presentations and show you how to use Jomablue Live Stream to simplify and optimize your event experiences.

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