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Event Flexible and engaging

Virtual Events

  • Choose an event platform that puts you at the frontier of best practice digital customer experiences. Outshine superficial online events with superior design and interactivity.
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Event Cohesion across formats

Hybrid Events

  • Strike a balance between virtual and live interactions. Our integrated platform excels in blended experiences that feel natural and amplify your event’s reach.
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Event Scalable and personal

In-person Events

  • Sophistication in live event management. Embrace digital precision to deliver streamlined and spectacular face-to-face experiences.
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Our Customers

…flawless and easy to use. Why isn’t every event doing this? See why our customers love us

Every feature you need

Personal and engaging at every step

Manage the attendee experience from ticketing to post-event—and every step, virtual session, or networking soirée in between. Regardless of the event format, Jomablue’s integrated features help you streamline delivery, create seamless and personalized interactions, and capture data to deepen engagement and decipher every event’s success.

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Our benefits

event management software

One system for seamless event delivery

Configure our feature-rich, unified platform to suit events of any style or size. Scale more easily.

event management software

Redefine your attendee experience

Bring energy, fluidity, and personal touches to event interactions. Surpass attendees’ expectations.

event management software

Create lasting connections

Captivate audiences during events, and use data and marketing tools to strengthen relationships.

event management software

Understand how events perform

Confidently link attendees’ behavior and your business goals, to help you articulate value.

Event delivery at scale

Flexible features support every experience

Design unique events that deliver business results. We’ll help you tailor experiences and track metrics with your goals in mind: whether you want to wow clients, hit revenue targets, engage members, or boost employee morale.

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Jomablue features

The future of events is here

Get advanced and practical tools that give you an operational advantage—plus superior design, interactivity, and automation. Improve key touchpoints and tasks through the clever use of technology, at live events and online.

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Our Customer Stories

TEDx Sydney

Tailored event registration, fostering community engagement.

“It has been so beneficial to have someone who is a true partner in helping us come up with ways we can improve our technology, improve our processes, and make our lives easier.”

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Financial Planning Association of Australia

Leveraging powerful integration efficiencies to award professional developments credits.

“We never had that data before. Now I have numbers I can look at. I can analyze it and see where every attendee went.”

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Australian Water Association

Optimization across the annual events program with an integrated registration and event check-in solution.

“With Jomablue Event Kit, we can give our members the premium experience they have at Ozwater but now at a local level.”

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Event check in app: Reimage event arrival

  • Every event is different. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all event check-in and badging. Jomablue CX is the latest Event Management App that empowers teams to deliver quick and easy arrival management for events of all styles and sizes.

Release Summary – June 2022

June release summary
  • Event Managers need new tools to engage with attendees more easily in a hybrid world. Discover the latest updates from Jomablue and empower your teams to deliver better experiences, more easily.

TechDiversity Awards

Tech Diversity Awards
  • The positive and inclusive vibe of the TechDiversity Awards was felt both in the room—and online—thanks to a simultaneous virtual experience delivered via Jomablue’s platform. Learn more about the inspiring evening and why the event went hybrid