Event Lead Capture

Give exhibitors what they want. Provide instant lead capture at live events and support digital experiences with a suite of virtual networking features.


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Check out our lightweight lead capture solution from your phone

See how sponsors & exhibitors can access simple, powerful lead capture straight from their phone with the Jomablue Capture App.

Capture App is used in conjunction with Jomablue CX, our lightweight solution for conferences and events. Simply scan an attendee’s QR code printed on their Name Badge to capture the lead.

See our powerful Lead Capture solution for enterprise events

Our Lead Capture solution for Enterprise events offers powerful lead retrieval when used with Jomablue Smart Badge.

Our integrated solution makes capturing leads easy. With added features to support custom profiling tags, notes and one-click email send, your exhibitors and sponsors can capture more leads and improve conversion.

Instant, reliable and secure lead capture for in-person events

Let your exhibitors focus on networking. With our robust 5G-enabled devices,  collecting business cards and manual data entry post-event are a thing of the past.

  • Collect lead details instantly with the tap of a Smart Badge
  • Profile leads using customisable tags and notes functionality
  • Receive leads lists to share with authorised team members at any time

Smart Badge Tap

Instantly capture lead details by tapping an attendee's Smart Badge. Ideal for large-scale trade shows and exhibitions when used with Jomablue Enterprise solution with Smart Badge.

QR Code Scan

For events using Jomablue CX for Name Label, Name Badge or Kiosk solutions. Scan an attendee's QR code printed on their Name Badge to capture details.

Lead Profiling

Better equip sales & marketing teams for post-event by using segmentation and profiling notes.

Email Follow-Up

Instantly send relevant product information via email, directly from your Lead Capture device.

Lead Export

Export and email leads lists securely from your Lead Capture device and send to authorised team members at any time.

Capture leads across virtual spaces

Ensure you make the most of audiences across event formats with a range of features to support networking, sponsorship opportunities and lead capture in virtual and hybrid settings.

  • Promote networking via one-to-one chat 
  • Facilitate face-to-face meetings with Video Tables
  • Create customisable virtual exhibitor booths for branding and networking opportunities

Ways to deliver value for Sponsors & Exhibitors

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