Build product knowledge and brand loyalty with bolder corporate experiences

enterprise event management software

Get a holistic view of events

Our unified, feature-rich platform, helps you achieve seamless workflows and shared customer data across your event calendar.

enterprise event management software

Execute your ideal vision, anywhere

In-person, hybrid, or virtual: impeccable planning and execution is supported by our flexible and interconnected features.

enterprise event management software

Keep attendees safe and secure

Enhance visibility and comply with safety and compliance, with low-contact interactions and reliable contact tracing capabilities.

enterprise event management software

Use events to drive business outcomes

Get nuanced data that genuinely reflects customer intent, to run better campaigns, convert more, and improve strategic decisions.

Flexible and scalable

Adapt, scale, and deliver a unified experience

  • Apply one flexible system suited to a return to in-person events or the continuation of virtual experiences.
  • Blend digital and live experiences in style, to multiply the global reach and impact of your content.
  • Access intuitive tools and templates that work together to give audiences a unified experience for every event style, location, and format.
Enterprise Event Management Software
Online and in-person

Master every aspect of any event, to amaze attendees

  • Deliver diverse experiences for customers and employees with an integrated platform for virtual, hybrid, and in-person formats.
  • Return safely to in-person experiences with hybrid activity that puts safety first.
  • Create experiences that extend beyond a moment in time by hosting event content online for a period of time.
Enterprise Event Management Software
Data-driven experiences

Make every interaction meaningful with useful data and reports

  • View real-time data based on actual attendee interactions, for agile operational decisions.
  • Follow-up effectively with insights into how sessions performed, who was highly engaged, and what interests them.
  • Do even more with event data by feeding it into external BI systems, enabled by the Jomablue Connector.
enterprise event management software

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