In Person Live Event Management

Create spectacular in person experiences using Jomablue’s innovative onsite technology and deliver award-winning Event Check-in, Session Management and Lead Capture for sponsors & exhibitors.


One platform to power the entire customer experience

Manage the entire attendee journey from the same place. Keep your workflow simple and build engagement into your event with a single platform.

From pre-event communications and registration, to onsite Check-in, Session Management, Lead Capture and post-event reporting & insights – Jomablue empowers event organisers to do it all.

Digital innovation that truly elevates event experience

Use technology to add value and improve the experience, rather than just for the sake of it.

Whether its welcoming attendees with our award-winning Event Check-in solution, supporting sponsors & exhibitors with Lead Capture, or giving control to organisers with Session Management – our solutions delight attendees whilst giving more control to organisers.

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