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One platform for every experience

Record every interaction from registration to post-event, in one location.

event management software

An operational edge

Event Dashboards show arrival flow, session capacity, and exhibitor performance at a glance.

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Enrich CRM profiles

Pass customer profiling information back to make lasting connections with your audience.


Know more. Deliver better

Learn from event success to shape better events in the future.

Event Management Software for Event Agencies

Event data and reporting

  • Know how many people arrived and when.
  • Understand session and speaker performance based on variable data.
  • Share operational data with event stakeholders.
  • Pre-set event reporting (e.g. CPD/E data) ready the moment an event ends.

Event insights

  • Event data is transformed into attendee insights.
  • Utilize Jomablue Engagement Scoring to categorize attendees by topics of interest.
  • Enhance customer CRM profiles with segmentation data, unique to your business.
  • Identify hot leads to pass back to sales teams for quick and targeted follow up.

Business outcomes

  • Power sales and marketing activity with customer profiling data.
  • Reach success measures with data that supports engagement, enjoyment, access to content, sponsor ROI, digital reach, and conversion.
  •  Design experiences that support your business goals through event interactions.


Is my event data safe and secure?

Jomablue securely stores, protects and manages data. We follow strict data and privacy policies. Data connectors are also available to link directly with your business tools.

What is the Event Dashboard?

Event Dashboards are customizable and share vital event information at a glance. Arrival flow, session attendance, exhibitor lead capture, or any data your delivery team needs to help make measured operational decisions on event-day, can be presented in a secure dashboard accessed from mobile or laptop devices.

How does event data enhance CRM profiles?

Every business is different, so different businesses group customers differently inside their CRM. By knowing which types of data your business thinks is important Jomablue can create event experiences that capture the data you need. For example with the data you collect during registration, or by attributing sessions to particular products, or asking relevant questions via surveys.

How does Jomablue generate business outcomes from event activity?

Prior to your event, discuss your business goals with your Account Manager. Do you want to increase sales? Launch a new product? Be viewed as the leading provider in your industry?

Once Jomablue understands your goals we can help you create structured reporting that uncovers how your event supported these business objectives. We can also include touchpoints during the experience design process to generate the right types of data.

The key is to do this as early as possible and well before event-day. Pre-scheduled reports can be set to deliver your results the moment an event ends.

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