Event Community

Bring people together and provide flexible ways to connect with Jomablue Community. Create a solution that enhances in-person, online and hybrid experiences.


Stream video content

Find the right way to share video content with your audience. Whatever your requirements, Jomablue has the tools to help you deliver video content for every occasion. On demand webinar? Check.
Simulated Live Keynote presentation? Check.
Live stream Q&A with a speaker panel? Check.

Create a live audience anywhere with interactive features

The digital experience is more than a video conference call. It’s about making people feel surrounded and connected to others in a way that’s engaging. 

Maybe it’s the intimacy of a fireside chat with a speaker, or the thrill of a summit keynote – whatever the style, we provide the tools to design spaces and provide interactive features that bring people together. 

Ways to promote interaction


A popular solution for supporting virtual and hybrid audiences’ need to ask questions while ensuring organizers can moderate what gets air-play.

Live Chat

Create the audience feel and encourage input through chat boxes or Q&A discussion provided by leading 3rd party providers.

Photo Booth

Add some fun to your event with this interactive feature. Upload a selfie, add backgrounds, frames, and stickers, then share the result in the Photo Gallery.

Live Reactions

See your audience's emotions and add color. Individuals can express themselves with custom responses like ‘clap’ or ‘laugh’ and see group sentiments in real-time.


Whether it’s providing sponsors & exhibitors the ability to engage with prospects, or facilitating attendee-to-attendee networking, we empower organisers to create spaces designed to maximise the value of digital connections.

With configurable page designs and a library of networking features, we’ll support you to create experiences that bring people together regardless of format.

Ways to enable networking

Networking Lounge

Easy to setup, flexible and impactful page design to bring people together to network throughout your event.

Video Table

Enable one-on-one or group discussions that augment sessions. Great for brainstorming, break-outs, or VIP and sales conversations.

Live Chat

Give your attendees the chance to speak privately via our one-to-one Live Chat. Organisers can leverage this feature across multiple event spaces.

Intelligent Networking

Match like-minded attendees to connect and prompt live chat within the platform. Host dynamic video-enabled gatherings for small groups.

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