Hybrid Event Software

Deliver experiences that wow audiences, whether from home or in person. Jomablue’s one-stop platform integrates all the features needed to create a seamless onsite experience whilst providing video content and interactivity for online audiences.

Hybrid Event Software

One platform to serve all audiences

Never compromise again when deciding on how to service in person and online audiences. 

Jomablue’s all-in-one platform offers you the tools to create and manage digital experiences onsite for live events, whilst ensuring you can share these same experiences with online audiences without sacrificing on interactivity.

Having a single source of truth for all this content just made event management a whole lot simpler and easier.

Connect at-home and in-person audiences

Bridge the divide between your audiences online and in person and create a truly hybrid experience. Leverage interactive features that connect people in real-time:

  • Live Q&A during sessions allows popular questions to be promoted by the audience, shared across online and in-person attendees. Admin moderation included.
  • Photo Booth allows people at home to share in the joy of posting selfies to the event, along with people attending in person
  • Bring people together with our suite of Networking features to provide recommendations and the option to engage in one-to-one private chat and/or facilitate Video Table conferencing
Simple and intuitive CX across the event journey

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