Live Streaming Broadcast Software


Delivering great video content is the cornerstone of virtual experiences. Leverage the power of a single platform to perform all your On Demand, Live Stream and Simulated Live video needs.

Live Streaming Broadcast Software

Use a platform with built-in Live Stream functionality

Keep your entire workflow on the same platform. Make the most of our simple, scalable, and reliable live stream functionality that’s built-in to our event platform.

  • Seamlessly stream content to global audiences of any size and location
  • Manage hundreds of simultaneous streams with ease
  • Leverage existing security protocols like OTPs, secure pages, and controlled access based on attendee category

Preview Screen

Review exactly what viewers will see and feel assured on event-day things will display as expected.

Picture in Picture (PiP)

A convenient floating Picture-in-Picture (PiP) video player allows attendees to navigate around the event while continuing to watch the stream.

One-click streaming

Streams are managed and configured in Jomablue - no external configuration required. Option to re-use streams across multiple presentations.

Usage Reporting

Get detailed metrics about how many people viewed the live stream and how many people stayed till the end.

Multi-Bitrate Streaming

Dependable content delivery that maximizes video quality regardless of slow/poor internet. Jomablue uses cloud transcoding to automatically create multi-quality streams to provide a buffer-free experience for all viewers.

Unlimited Channels, Streams, Views

Automatically and instantly scales to support whatever capacity is needed.

Global Multi-Vendor CDNs

We work with a number of Content Distribution Networks to ensure global streams reliably reach their destination. If there is difficulty with one provider Jomablue automatically changes to another with more reliable service.

HTML5 Player

Supports any device format.

Flexible support for third-party live stream providers

Enjoy the flexibility of choice and maintain existing workflows and relationships using our integrations with leading streaming providers:

  • 5Stream
  • Dacast


Jomablue also provides a self-hosted feature that supports any video player using HLS protocol, such as;

  • Wowza
  • Brightcove
  • Viostream

Jomablue Broadcast

Jomablue’s Broadcast feature provides a versatile and powerful way for speakers to present live content to an audience without the need for a studio and full production team.

It is the easiest and fastest way to support speakers’ presentations, regardless of where they are located in the world. All that’s needed are internet, camera and audio capabilities.

No software or downloads are required – access is as simple as logging into Jomablue.

Live experience with control of pre-record with Simulated Live

Maximise the live experience but ensure the comfort and control of pre-recorded video content with Simulated Live. Create and edit video content before the event and set content to play at a specific date and time, as though live.

Take the stress and risk of technical issues out of the equation.

Deliver On Demand video content. Any time. Anywhere.

Bring your event to life and build rich content across all your virtual event pages. Use On Demand video content to;

  • Welcome attendees on your site landing page
  • Provide additional branding opportunities for sponsors
  • Extend the life of session content post-event

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