Event Data Management

Security and Compliance

Take a more assured and thorough approach to gathering and acting on customer data with robust security, privacy, reporting, and integrations.

Event Data Management

Respect privacy

Get richer customer data, captured in unobtrusive ways, in line with strict privacy policies and access permissions.

Ensure data is secure

Trust a platform designed with security in mind. Our infrastructure and precise handling protocols protect your data.

Integrate data output

Instantly access data from all your events in one place. Link data directly to your existing CRM and other operational systems.

Stay EU compliant

Embrace European customers. Get GDPR and SCA compliant and demonstrate transparent data processing practices.

Secure by design

Secure by design

We invest heavily in providing a secure product for our customers. We employ a ‘secure by design’ methodology with the release of all our features, putting data security at the front of our processes and not as an afterthought.

  • Handle personal data with care and achieve GDPR compliance.
  • Be confident your financial data is safe with online payments protected by Strong Customer Authentication protocols.
  • Eliminate risk arising from multiple emailed files from different tools, with built-in reporting.

Keeping your data safe

We maintain geographically diverse data centres, running operating systems using multiple layers of security to ensure your customer data is secure.

  • Customer data is housed in customer-specific data stores
  • All data is encrypted at rest, this includes any backups taken
  • Industry standard PGP encryption used on all transfer of customer data
  • Option to leverage a secure integration via Jomablue Connectors and API to automatically upload data captured at events into your CRM/BI tools and remove manual data handling and transfer
Keeping your data safe
Stay in control of user access

Stay in control of user access

Ensure your team has access to the right information, when they need it. With access controls, you can ensure all your information is stored securely within a single source, whilst having the necessary safeguards when managing distributed teams, across multiple events.

  • User login with Multi-Factor Authentication across customer instances
  • Configure user permissions to provide relevant access across event registration, interactions data, financial reporting
  •  Strong password use is enforced and mandatory account expiry after one month inactivity

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