3rd Party Integrations.

Keep existing workflows simple and flexible with 3rd Party Integrations across video, payment and audience interaction features. 

Unify your workflow with a single platform.

Have your cake and eat it to! With purpose built integrations with leading 3rd party software, Jomablue provides a single platform for you to manage all aspects of your event.

From payment gateway providers to live streaming platforms and audience interaction – Jomablue supports an ever-expanding list of integrations with industry-leading products across the event experience.


Payment Gateway


Payment Gateway for mobile & web payment system.


Payment Gateway for payment processing.

Video Streaming


Video on Demand (VoD) service

IBM Cloud Video

Cloud-based online video platform


Video management platform


Broadcast media platform that provides VoD services.

Audience Interactivity


Q&A and polling platform


Interpreting platform for accessibility for online events

Pigeonhole Live

Q&A and polling platform


Google Analytics

Integrated traffic reporting across select content



Live Chat support for customers during Registration.

CRM and BI Systems

Click below to find out more about how we integrate with existing CRM and BI systems with our API and Connector options.

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