Alluring event marketing in a fraction of the time

Targeted communications

Segment audiences, and control when and how messages are received for maximum effect.

Enriched CRM data

Refine customer personas with accurate data about people's behavior to tailor future interactions.

event marketing software

On-brand page designs

Consistently convey your identity with attractive communications and interfaces.

event marketing software

Generate quality leads

Find people inclined to act. Use knowledge of attendees’ true interests to spark deeper conversations.

event marketing software

Email and SMS communication

  • Beautifully designed event information and ticketing communications.
  • Event marketing and event delivery managed inside one platform.
  • Create and send email campaigns using registration data.
  • Tickets are sent by SMS on the morning of the event so attendees have them on-hand upon arrival.
  • VIP arrival notifications alert sales teams that a key client has just arrived.
  • Use SMS messages to alert attendees to key information.

Share automated messages

  • Send relevant messages in an instant via email and SMS—activated by event interactions.
  • SMS a welcome message to new arrivals automatically trigged by event check-in.
  • Share session slides the moment an attendee enters a presentation room.
  • Put relevant and timely information with attendees to keep them engaged, and feeling valued.
event marketing software

Make lasting connections

  • Embrace data-driven marketing with insights from actual audience behaviors and interactions.
  • Send targeted marketing campaigns based on session attendance choices.
  • Grow customer profile data based on event content consumed.
  • Identify hot leads for immediate sales follow-up. Keep engaged customers interested and give them a personal outreach.
  • Use event trends to enhance the success of future programs that support the interests of your audience.


How do I send tickets to my attendees?

Confirmation messages are automatically emailed during registration. On the morning of the event, tickets are sent by SMS to every attendee with their individual QR code, which they present during Check-in.

What is marketing automation?

Technology platforms are able to streamline communication with customers by triggering messages based on key indicators e.g. event arrival. This enables more timely and more personalized messages to be shared with customers. This saves event teams time and improves the experience for attendees.

Why is it good to use the same platform for both marketing and event delivery?

Event platforms hold rich data about attendees gathered during registration and the ways people engage with content before and during an event. Using real-time, detailed data to personalize messages creates more effective marketing outcomes, saves time, and minimizes risk from passing data between two systems.

How do I get data from Jomablue into our businesses CRM?

The Jomablue Connector can safely and automatically link event data with a CRM. Alternatively, CSV files can be uploaded into your CRM. The highly flexible, feature-rich platform allows you to gather data that supports your wider business needs.

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