Event Session Management

Manage people flow, provide access control, measure session and speaker performance, and craft a unique customer journey with digital engagement using Jomablue Session Management.


Stay one step ahead of room management

Wondering when to open doors or when you’re close to capacity? Make decisions based on real-time data and be proactive with your onsite planning.

  • Streamline traffic flow in and out of session rooms with a simple tap of a person’s Smart Badge 
  • Monitor session attendance count in real-time directly from Jomablue devices
  • Manage session access by registration ticket type or customer category

Engage attendees with relevant content

Create value and build engagement by delivering relevant content to attendees based on their personal journey throughout the event.

  • Equip attendees with session slides and survey links – sent directly to their phone as they enter a session
  • Provide content download stands for attendees to access collateral at the end of a session
  • Personalise attendees’ in-app experience with content tailored to the sessions they attended

Leverage powerful reporting and CPE/D management

Measuring session and speaker performance just got easier with Jomablue reporting

  • Determine session performance through surveys, feedback and content downloads
  • Pre-configure CPE/D allocation for sessions and automate post-event accreditation
  • Identify valuable sales leads and improve conversion with timely insights into attendee behaviour and interests

Content Sharing Opportunities

Arrival SMS

Greet attendees with a personal welcome message and important info as they walk through the doors

Session Related Content

Provide on-demand content, such as white papers or speaker slides, available for download with the tap of a Smart Badge

Virtual Download

Give attendees the flexibility to access content online by click-to-download via Community for virtual and hybrid sessions

Post-Session Notification

Setup trigger campaigns to schedule eDM or SMS communications at the end of a session

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