Companies that provide video, audio, lighting, and other digital technologies to support media and event production have a unique opportunity to support a COVID impacted industry—producing engaging virtual event experiences.

Even as live audiences begin to return to event venues, virtual experiences are unlikely to disappear. The more likely scenario is that hybrid events will become the norm and audiovisual companies are in prime position to take advantage.

It’s a forward-thinking move to extend your AV services—to move beyond remote production, and into designing and building attractive, engaging, and interactive online spaces that showcase the broadcasts and videos you create. 

Smart AV businesses considering the growth opportunities via virtual events will naturally have questions, such as:

It’s difficult to build your virtual event client base without significant expense if you haphazardly create event web pages from scratch each time you get an enquiry.

The easiest way for AV professionals to excel in the delivery of virtual event experiences, in order to satisfy customers and generate additional revenue, is to partner with a professional event platform.

Jomablue is one of the most innovative platforms and is 100% Australian, with local technical support and a skilled in-house experience design team. We have custom packages to meet the needs of AV providers: choose the features and level of support you need to develop a commercially viable virtual event offering that you can deliver with ease. Jomablue includes built-in presentation features and also integrates with leading streaming and VOD providers.

For instance, AV businesses can leverage their team’s tech-savvy and completely control the event web page development process using Jomablue’s flexible page design tools—making it easy and inexpensive to deliver quality online experiences. Or, you can completely outsource the design process to Jomablue’s talented team who can capably showcase your AV productions—or opt for a process that sits somewhere in between. 

Three reasons partnering with Jomablue to deliver online experiences is a wise move:

  1. Improve the success of events, secure happy clients and repeat business

What if you could spend less on marketing to gain new customers, and instead generate more revenue through repeat business and recommendations from your existing ones? 

Offering attractive and branded virtual event spaces, made possible by Jomablue, enables you to deliver value-added AV services. AV businesses that can offer both in-person productions and engaging virtual experiences—whether separately or simultaneously—can deliver more comprehensive end-to-end services to event organizers. 

You’ll be able to say ‘yes’ every time a client asks for help to ensure the audio-visual content and experiences you build can be readily enjoyed by online attendees—leading to more successful events. Happy clients are more likely to use your services again, spend more, and give you free word-of-mouth marketing.

  1. Expand your offering and adapt your business model without lots of extra work

While designing and hosting engaging virtual event web pages is a great way to realize your growth strategy, you need to be able to systematically deliver this additional service. 

With increased demand for technical services, AV teams often don’t have the time to build web pages as well—especially if they’re working from scratch each time. Just as you have clear processes in place for configuring and engineering AV systems and productions, you need repeatable and dependable ways to develop engaging virtual event experiences.

Tailored packages from Jomablue give AV producers instant access to a robust platform with user-friendly tools and templates (and hands-on support if needed), so you can reliably give clients what they want on top of your already hectic schedule.

  1. Present powerful AV productions on equally impressive event pages

What’s worse than wasting time on building event web pages? Creating pages that don’t present your content in its best light or actually engage audiences! 

Poorly designed virtual spaces will reduce the appeal of the professional video content you and your clients have spent time and money to produce. That leaves online attendees with a bad impression—no matter how delightful your AV productions are. 

The quality of the online experience you deliver must match the quality of your AV production.

Jomablue’s professional designs and interactive features let you build an immersive online world for virtual and hybrid attendees as they consume AV content.  

Discover virtual event packages custom-made for the AV production industry

Jomablue’s team is experienced in event delivery and we appreciate that AV productions are often the highlight of an overall event experience. Align your AV business with an event technology partner you can trust.

We’ve put together exclusive packages to enable AV businesses to quickly adopt the Jomablue integrated event platform. 

Get started in 3 easy steps:

  1. Contact us for details on custom packages designed for the needs of AV suppliers
  2. Upload content to branded, engaging, and secure virtual event pages
  3. Go live with client events in as little as three days! 

Talk to us to find out how.


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