There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all event check-in and badging. Events come in all shapes and sizes, and different customer segments require a different arrival experience. That’s why the event check in app Jomablue CX offers flexible options that support any scenario.

Jomablue CX is the latest check-in and badging solution from Jomablue. The app supports event managers to:

Jomablue CX event check in app

Fast, streamlined, impressive event check-in and badging is easy to manage with Jomablue CX. Event teams can deliver a streamlined welcome with just the App, an iPad or iPhone, and a printer.

Step 1:
Download Jomablue CX from the app store to an iPad or iPhone device. Log in to the app using your Jomablue log-in to access registration data.

Step 2:
Greet arrivals and scan their e-Ticket. Having friendly staff to manage this process provides a personal welcome and makes a great first impression.

Step 3:
Print name badges automatically as attendees check-in. Several badging and badgeless options support the needs of different styles of events. 


Different badging options support different styles of events.


Event Check in App

Sometimes event attendees don’t need a name badge. For example during internal events or workshops where attendees already know each other. Sometimes it’s not appropriate to hang a lanyard over an awards night outfit.

However, businesses still need to know who attended and to move people into venue spaces quickly and safely. That is where badgeless check-in comes in. It is quick, easy to use, and friendly to the environment. Badgeless check-in is ideal for workshops, meetings, or corporate dinners. 

Name Label
Event check in app
Another scenario is a single-day event where a name badge is required. For example, when people do not know each other or networking is part of the reason to attend. For a meaningful event experience, it is important to share the name and company of those attending.

For a single-day meeting, short conference, or workshop a sticker name label is a great option. A single iPad scanner and printer can accommodate up to 120 guests each hour. To manage more arrivals simply add more check-in devices and printers.

Name Badge and Lanyard
Event check in app
For larger or longer events a more robust badge may be preferred. Jomablue Name Badges are printed onto card stock and can support printed branding or design elements. Intended to hang from a lanyard they create a more professional aesthetic compared to name labels. This is a popular option for full-day conferences or multi-day exhibitions.


Jomablue is famous for its Smart Badge powered arrival solution.

Smart Badges are highly sophisticated name badges that unlock attendee interaction data across an event journey. As customers and prospects move around an event they tap to enter sessions, speak to exhibitors, download a whitepaper or collect event swag. The badge records each interaction in Jomablue. This creates incredibly robust data around attendee behaviour and empowers businesses with customer insights to help reach their event goals. To sell more. To engage members. To move prospects along the sales pipeline.

For multi-day, multi-session, summit-style events Smart Badges power the full suite of Jomablue features. However, with the launch of the Jomablue CX event managers can create the same impressive arrival experience for every style of event.

For more information about how Jomablue CX can power your full calendar of events, speak to one of our experts.

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