Release notes – June 2021

Check out these incredible new features from Jomablue. If you would like to have a quick call to discuss how you could leverage Jomablue at your next event, click here. Otherwise, see below to learn about how we’re supporting businesses moving to virtual and hybrid experiences.

NEW: Jomablue Photo Booth

Delight attendees by including this interactive feature during your next virtual experience.

  • Upload a selfie, dress it up with digital props, and share the result in the events Photo Gallery.
  • Bring comedy and drama to a virtual event experience.
  • Connect virtual and in-person attendees with a common interaction point.

Page design of the future

Stunning event pages are just the beginning, thanks to flexible production tools that make event experiences more intuitive.

  • Program content to appear at specific times during an event.
  • Share relevant and timely messages about upcoming sessions, networking events, and more.
  • Travel through time during page build to review and approve content reveals as attendees would experience them.

NEW: Jomablue Design Studio 

Ensure attractive, best-practice virtual event page designs from our in-house digital team.

  • Access creative design services.
  • Instantly lift the professionalism of digital page designs.
  • Create event sites that are on-brand, highly engaging, and unique to your event.

NEW: Showcase sessions like never before 

  • Merge session information onto your virtual event pages.
  • Changes made in session settings auto-update across an event site.
  • Save hours of content update time by entering new information in one place.

NEW: Better registration data, fast

  • Capture registration data with flexible check-boxes to learn more about your audience.
  • Users simply check one or more items from a list.
  • Organizers can find out more about attendees ready for event day experiences.

IMPROVED: Go live sooner

  • Quickly and easily find the page you need during the event build stage.
  • Search event pages by name or sort to find out which ones are live.
  • Ideal to support events with a large number of pages!

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