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Intelligent experience design

Build unique events that skillfully combine design, interactive interfaces, and automation to hold attendees’ attention.

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Integrated features for every experience

Invite people to explore scalable virtual worlds. Present content beautifully and control the flow of interactions to immerse attendees.

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Connect with your audience

Use in-built engagement tools to keep attendees’ on your page. Draw on insights to personalize follow-ups, and forge lasting connections.

Take advantage of automated marketing

Make virtual valuable with superior design and interactivity. Deliver the ideal content and offers triggered by attendees’ actions.

Features that bring virtual events to life

Ticketing and Registration

Simplify the set-up of registration pages including pricing, coupons, customizable forms, and branding. Completely self-managed and easy-to-use.

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The environment where event webpages, live-streamed sessions, networking, and content are hosted. Community brings all elements of a virtual event together.

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Create branded, segmented, and automated communications and campaigns across web, email and SMS. Capture and cultivate leads with ease.

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Content Sharing

Showcase and control how you share diverse content including reports, white papers or e-books. Offer sponsor lead capture or newsletter subscription through tap-and-go experiences.

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Jomablue Broadcast

Easy live stream Broadcast for up to 16 Hosts at the click of a button. All presenters need is an internet connection, camera, and audio capabilities.

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Live Reactions

Elicit emotions and add color. Individuals express themselves with custom responses like ‘clap’ or ‘laugh’ and see group sentiments in real-time.

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Jomablue Q&A

Essential for supporting audiences’ need to ask questions while ensuring organizers can moderate what gets air-play.

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Live Chat

Engage and delight audiences by encouraging their input through chat boxes or Q&A discussion provided by leading 3rd party providers.

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Match like-minded attendees and prompt live chat within the platform. Host dynamic video-enabled gatherings for small groups.

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Video tables

Enable one-on-one or group discussions that augment sessions. Great for brainstorming, break-outs, or VIP and sales conversations.

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Share salient content, messages of thanks, or special deals at the perfect time during or after sessions with automated campaigns.

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Virtual Sessions

Understand how every click shapes attendee engagement. Know who watched what and for how long. Gauge popular sessions, speakers, and content.

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Simulated Live

Pre-record and edit a virtual event presentation until it’s perfect, upload the video to Jomablue, and set it to play during a session as if it were live.

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Photo Booth

Delight attendees with this interactive feature. Upload a selfie, add backgrounds, frames, and stickers, then share the result in the Photo Gallery.

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Sponsors and Exhibitors

Deliver value through dedicated exhibitor pages, multiple touchpoints, and well-designed CTAs. Differentiate sponsor benefits with reporting about attendees’ interactions with their brand.

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Reporting and Insights

Understand interactions across an event, how content performed, and what interests each attendee. Help sales teams prioritize post-event actions.

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