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5 ways event data will help reach marketing goals

Have you ever considered that live and virtual events could be your best source of marketing data?

Content marketing and digital advertising get a lot of attention. And while they’re great tactics—they don’t grab and hold attention the way well-produced events do.

But… how do marketers ensure they deliver a return on investment? Do events actually deliver quality leads and brand awareness? How does the cost of acquisition or lifetime value compare to other channels? 

The challenges with events has always been a limited view of how people behave, and how that translates into sales and marketing insights (which help secure future marketing spend). 

In other words, marketers lack appropriate event data to power their success.

Jomablue’s event platform helps marketers overcome this problem and meet business needs by making every kind of event more memorable and incredibly measurable. 

Cutting-edge event experiences enable marketers to gather rich data from attendees before, during and after events to personalise your approaches and turn more attendees into loyal, paying customers. 

From ticketing and registration; through to an award-winning check-in experience and embedded digital touch-points at live events; plus powerful online engagement, marketing automation and reporting tools—Jomablue is the secret weapon in your marketing technology ecosystem.

Here’s five ways that adopting the platform can help you make events one of your most reliable sources of customer data to drive sales and marketing success.

1. Get serious about brand awareness across a hybrid event format

A key benefit of running events has historically been reaching a large number of people all at once—which is a fantastic way to showcase your brand and connect with prospective customers. 

The right platform will support more consistent and effective branding across your entire event experience, and across your entire event calendar. In-built tools make it easy to apply your visual style to registration pages, email marketing, and virtual event pages.

2. Profile your existing and potential customers with greater accuracy

Customer data underpins successful campaigns. Events are an excellent source of information to enrich your CRM when you leverage a platform like Jomablue. 

You can customise the registration fields that attendees fill out prior to your event to capture valuable data such as: job title, product interests, industry specializations, organisation size, current product usage—or whatever is most relevant for your business. You can also ask direct questions related to demographics, interests, preferences and intentions when you use Jomablue to deliver post-event surveys.

3. Turning highly-engaged attendees into MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads)

There are many ways to turn data into insights with Jomablue. One of the most powerful is our Engagement Scoring process: whereby each attendees’ event interactions are scored, with different values assigned based on product areas or the type of action taken. A high score in one area can demonstrate readiness to buy.

An immediate grasp of which attendees are MQLs streamlines your efforts to nurture and move people seamlessly into your sales process. This ensures your sales team can dedicate their time to building relationships and having meaningful conversations with people who are more likely to buy—which means less wasted effort and a better ROI on your event marketing.

4. Continue the conversation post-event to hook more prospects

Events are often transient in nature, but you need to connect beyond the initial burst of activity. Following up can be challenging for marketers if event data can’t easily be accessed or applied to broader workflows. Hot leads are usually the focus, and therefore many promising prospects are ignored. 

Jomablue’s event technology helps marketers and sales teams stay front of mind with prospects from each event. For example by:

  • Using session attendance data (collected during both live and virtual experiences) to understand what topics were of interest and develop targeted follow-up activities such as webinars based on a similar topic. 
  • Segmenting customer data in order to add attendees to marketing campaigns that will match their needs: such as providing more detail on a specific product or sharing an article relevant to their industry or specialisation. 

Personalising your marketing efforts post-event is an excellent way to keep people engaged even if they’re not ready to buy straight away.

5. Integrate your event tech with existing CRM, data analytics, and email tools

Jomablue can supercharge the investment you’ve already made in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or customer communications management (CCM) solution. Your lead scoring and segmentation data can be automatically shared across your technology stack to ensure sales activity is optimized beyond event day. Customer data drawn from events also increases the effectiveness of marketing automation and email platforms.

Get marketing insights from event activity

Imagine the long-term benefits, for marketing and sales efforts, of having rich data and insights from both live and online events at your fingertips. Not only does Jomablue give marketers verifiable data showing that a customer is interested in your business—you’ll also know why and be more prepared to take action to drive engagement, sales, and business growth.

Here’s an overview of the marketing benefits:

Enhance your CRM with rich customer data Identify, nurture and convert more leads Personalisation across the customer journey Sales funnel optimisation
Outcome Job title, tenure, industry, past buying behavior, business size, budgets Product matching, level of interest – hot, warm, cold, content engagement Targeted eDM campaign around product interest, invitation to future event or webinar Match sales specialists to highly engaged attendees, trigger conversion with a targeted offer
Benefit Match attendee profiles to marketing personas Reach and exceed marketing targets Deliver more relevant content Don’t miss an opportunity


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