Bring virtual event experiences to life

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Focus on engagement

Connect attendees with large and small group interactions, and one-to-one networking.

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Virtual and hybrid tools

Reach remote audiences or compliment in-person activity with online content.

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Fully integrated features

Work seamlessly across every step of an event, regardless of how they view event content.

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Impeccable experiences

Flexible, attractive pages, designed to share content quickly, easily, and with impact.

Create virtual events

  • Move event activity online with all the support you need.
  • Present live stream or pre-recorded presentations.
  • Chat and Q&A tools.
  • Content downloads.
  • Sponsor engagement and lead capture tools.
  • Create wow moments with content reveals, and automated thank you, welcome, or find out more messages triggered by viewer behaviour.

Access intelligent engagement tools

  • Connect with your audience.
  • Intelligent Networking recommendations connect like-minded attendees.
  • Video and Meeting Tables host intimate workshops, discussions, and small-group networking sessions.
  • The Live Reaction feature enables attendees to like, laugh, or clap during presentations.
  • Dedicated sponsor pages enable viewers to connect with exhibitors to generate marketing leads.

Support Hybrid experiences

  • Compliment an in-person event with digital tools.
  • Extend the value of event attendance with hybrid event tools.
  • Present agendas, session, and speaker information.
  • Access powerful networking tools to help attendees to connect with sponsors and each other.
  • Host content on-line to broaden your event reach.


How is Jomablue different from other virtual event platforms that I see?

Firstly, we provide one platform for every style of event and support the entire life-cycle of event activity. You can use Jomablue to create engaging virtual events and access support from our in-person event tools.

Secondly, Jomablue is built around two key values – customer experience and capturing meaningful data from event activity. Every feature is created with these two benefits in mind, so you trust that customers will have an amazing experience and your business will benefit from events in ways it maybe didn’t before.

I want to host a hybrid event, can Jomablue help me?

Jomablue is designed to seamlessly host virtual and in-person event activity side-by-side. Every feature is managed from one platform, to unify event data as well as the attendee experiences.

We are running an in-person only event and I don’t need all those virtual features inside Community. Do I still need to pay for them?

Our Enterprise with Community package includes digital content sharing and networking tools – similar to what you might have previously used in your event app. Community Plus unlocks everything you need to host a virtual, or hybrid event.

We are creating our first virtual event. Can I get some help getting started?

Jomablue is based in Sydney, Australia, and has a dedicated project team that is happy to provide advice around getting started with virtual events. Be sure to book a demo and explain to the team that you are looking for some direction on how to make your virtual event stand out.

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Find out more about Community by discussing your event needs with our team. We’d love to show you around Jomablue and provide you with a quote to suit your event requirements.

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