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Email remains one of the top customer acquisition tools for many businesses. And if the emails you send are expected, personalized, and useful—many people are delighted to receive them. 

So, if you have an event to market: you need to be hitting your attendees’ inboxes with a cheery “hello!” and some helpful messaging. 

Jomablue’s leading platform for event marketing professionals makes it easy to master email marketing—because Jomablue covers all the bases when it comes to event delivery and attendee experience, including in-built email marketing.

Delivering on our promise of truly integrated event delivery has led to the expansion of our email marketing features. Offering marketing solutions inside Jomablue helps you streamline event planning and execution, and ensures your marketing activity is more effective.


3 Popular uses of Jomablue’s email marketing feature

Jomablue’s email tools support event marketers’ to make event delivery quicker, easier, and more effective.  Three of the most popular uses of email marketing tools are detailed below.

1. Ticketing/Log-in communications.

Pre-scheduled email and SMS campaigns are sent to people registered to attend your event. Ticketing communication can be segmented by attendee category – for example, delegates, sponsors, or speakers – so messages are personalized for their needs. The automated delivery of communications can be used to engage audiences across any format:

2. Event announcements.

Email marketing is a fantastic way to drum up excitement pre-event or. You can design and deliver an entire sequence of emails to build anticipation and share details about your event as content is locked in. For example, you might reach out to:

3. How-to instructions.

Email is an effective way to simply keep people in the loop, set the right expectations, and answer commonly asked questions. Make event day run smoothly by sharing key information that will make the experience more rewarding for attendees. For example:

Why choose a built-in email tool?

Jomablue email marketing is a convenient way to message those registered to attend an event from directly within the platform.

It makes sense for a business that invests heavily in events to use a flexible, end-to-end event platform with built-in email tools because:

New – email campaign reporting feature 

Included in our latest platform release, users can now access more detailed reporting about email campaign delivery, opens, and clicks.

Event metrics that focus on engagement can determine the success of marketing campaigns and help you learn which messages resonate with that audience. Open and click reporting highlights what worked, and helps you identify what didn’t. 

A dedication to event insights

Jomablue’s detailed and powerful reporting sets the platform apart from other providers. Delivery, open, and click email campaign reporting is another example of how Jomablue does more to support event organizers with powerful tools that make a tangible difference to event activity. 

For more information about how this industry-leading virtual, hybrid, and in-person event solution can support your event plans, speak to one of our experts.

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