Jomablue Sign Up is a simple registration tool that enables event attendees to get to the action quicker.

Designed to support free events, Jomablue Sign Up provides a simple process that captures minimal information about those wanting to attend a virtual event. 

Sign Up fields include:

How does it work?

Below are two examples where a simple sign-up experience might be preferable to a full registration process.

  1. Late registrations for a free virtual event

Jomablue Sign Up enables customers who have not pre-registered for an event to access virtual event content quickly and easily.

Complex processes in this scenario can result in customers giving up and not attending at all. By asking for fewer details arrivals are more likely to complete registration and attend the event.

Conveniently positioned below the Community log-in form is an option to [Register now]. Clicking will open the Jomablue Sign Up form within the event site,  removing the need to navigate away to a longer registration form. 

Attendees enter basic registration information and are redirected back to log in with a one-time passcode. One smooth process and late arrivals can access the event in moments.

  1. Internal events

Virtual event platforms are an increasingly popular tool for organizations hosting internal events such as business all hands, staff training, and Christmas parties. Access to these events still needs to be gated for security reasons, but detailed profiling information may not be required.

Event organizers can use Jomablue Sign Up to capture minimal information about attending staff members, making access to the event quick and easy. Attendees Sign Up, login, and enter their one-time passcode in one simple workflow.


Single-click sign-up

Sending event communications from your CRM? Organizers can pass URL parameters from an email to pre-populate the Sign Up form.  

Attendees simply review and submit their registration with a single click!

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Jomablue provides a sophisticated registration solution that fits the needs of the most complex events. However, sometimes a simple sign-up solution provides the best attendee experience.

With Jomablue Sign Up, attendees can get to the action quicker thanks to a seamless process. For more information about which option is best for your event activity, speak to our experts.

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