A dash of automation magic

A question for event marketers: how much time and effort could you save if you were able to magically reach out to attendees with the right information or offer, at the right time? 

Well, ta da! Jomablue’s powerful data capture and marketing automation features make it easy to:

  • gain a deep and clear understanding of individuals’ preferences,
  • deliver targeted messages aligned to your audience members’ needs, and
  • trigger message delivery based on how and when people interact with your event.

Imagine how it would enhance the event experience if each of your attendees automatically received an SMS with a tailored welcome message minutes after they’d had their e-ticket scanned or logged in to your online event website. That’s just one example of how automation can be applied using Jomablue.

Think marketing automation is just a ‘nice-to-have’? Think again.

Leading marketers agree that building a strong customer experience (CX) is a top priority: more than 70% of respondents to the The CMO Survey 2021 said they are investing in building better customer-facing digital interfaces to boost CX.

The idea of using technology and software to engage audiences might sound complex, impersonal, or too expensive right now. But with Jomablue’s integrated event platform, it’s straightforward, persuasive, and cost-effective. 

And frankly, your customers demand it. People want brands to provide contextualised content, and are increasingly frustrated by a lack of personalized experiences optimised for the devices they use (e.g. smartphones). 

Delivering personalization without some form of automation isn’t just A LOT of work for marketers: it’s likely to result in a ‘hit and miss’ CX that will hinder business growth. Whereas, marketing automation using Jomablue lets you reliably build relationships and nurture leads—during and after events—without lifting a finger. 

It’s not actually magic, but it is wondrous. 

Two key ways to automate event marketing with Jomablue

1. Automatically enrich customer profiles to inform personalization tactics

Data quality is a huge barrier to personalization success and therefore growth. With Jomablue you can use interaction data to automatically add profiling information to each attendees’ record. 

Automated record creation means you can quickly capture, see, and export lists based on who:

  • Viewed each virtual session
  • Engaged with sponsors’ content across virtual event pages
  • Wants to attend other events in the future
  • Attended a particular networking session
  • Entered a competition

2. Automate the delivery of tailored messages, based on ‘triggers’, to personalize experiences

You can set-up automations that respond with a specific action when an audience member interacts with your event. Pre-scheduled messages, content, and sales offers can be delivered to all relevant attendees with no human involvement. 

These automations achieve two things: 

  • Firstly, they create a personalized experience in response to event interactions, rather than a scattergun approach to communicating.
  • Secondly, they provide a richer attendee experience with thoughtful and well-timed additional touch points (beyond sitting and watching presentations). 

(Almost) supernatural marketing automation starts with quality data

How often have you had to de-prioritize strategic activity because you needed to manually sort through attendee contact lists, identify leads and distribute follow-up communications to support your sales team? 

Automation makes knowing your customers easier and adds another layer of interactivity by sending messages triggered by in-person and virtual interactions—facilitating more engagement opportunities with less effort. 

For instance, using Jomablue’s automation features you could:

  • Instantly email a link to download a relevant white paper with audience members who attended an in-person session on a related topic.
  • SMS a ‘thank you’ or confirmation message as soon as an attendee enters a competition.
  • Send an invite to an upcoming webinar on a similar topic to everyone who watched a specific video presentation online.
  • Identify lead data to share with sponsors based on those who engaged with their brand.
  • Effortlessly create customer profiles based on actual behaviour: to identify who’s truly ready to buy and know who to approach in follow-up campaigns.

But you need to understand attendees’ behaviour first. 

That’s why Jomablue is the best platform for automating event marketing. We specialise in making events incredibly measurable (no matter the format), and also offer tools and support to leverage that data to create ‘wow’ moments. 

  1. Jomablue’s technology lets you collect rich, high-quality data based on how attendees actually behave (sessions they attend, videos they watch, buttons they click).
  2. With comprehensive and meaningful data on content preferences you can segment and shape your marketing messages and plan your personalization tactics.
  3. Compelling messages combined with automated workflows within Jomablue allow you to personalize interactions at scale, via targeted SMS and email messages at every stage of their event journey.

Using Jomablue enables responsive event pathways with automated actions that help you connect with audiences beyond what happens on stage or on screen. It provides the ideal foundation for you to confidently approach and convert the warmest leads, nurture cold leads, inform up-selling and cross-selling campaigns, and drive the success of future events.

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