Event planners have long been tasked with designing experiences—drawing on their creativity and great production values to deliver events that leave a lasting impression.

But now, many of those experiences are happening online, which requires adding sophisticated digital design to the mix. If running events sit at the core of your marketing or operations, you’ll need tools that allow you to create a rich, virtual user experience with multi-layered elements that capture attention, surprise, and delight attendees.

In other words, the capacity to create ‘wow moments’ that inspire attendees to tell their friends and colleagues, take action, or return for future events.


What do ‘wow moments’ feel like online?

In a digital age where the use of mobile devices is almost ubiquitous, how people feel about brands is closely tied to how intuitive, appealing and useful their digital channels are: the user experience (UX).

As event management enters the virtual realm, the question is: does your event technology allow for effective user experience design? Virtual events that are limited to a person talking on a screen are too simplistic and uninspired to sustain and grow your audiences.

Great virtual events also captivate and create suspense, and link to other marketing tactics that stoke the interest of attendees throughout and after the event’s conclusion.

Jomablue makes it easy to design virtual experiences that harness the element of surprise and intrigue to engage attendees.


 Impress your event attendees with Jomablue Community

Community, the Jomablue feature that hosts virtual events, emphasizes creative and flexible page design through the use of 35 customizable blocks of content. You can tailor your session and exhibitor detail pages (what we call Canvas Pages) by selecting from a range of engaging elements like videos, image slideshows, live streams, Q&A, downloadable content, and lead capture forms.

But beyond this, you can spice up how people interact with your pages, your brand, and your sponsors by building in special moments. Here are two examples of how:

Schedule blocks of content to be revealed at key moments: Holding back some content until the right moment is the perfect way to catch the attention of attendees and break up a session or direct people to the next desired activity. Our timed reveals for content blocks let you determine exactly when a specific block should appear to attendees.

You could use timed reveals to:

  •   Display a major sponsor’s advertisement or special offer at a key point during a session or when they are being acknowledged.
  •   Showcase a special post-event networking opportunity or free download at an ideal time to attract the interest of attendees.

When online event interfaces are not just functional and attractive—but also provide unexpectedly pleasing experiences—attendees take note.

Automatically trigger actions based on interactions with a content block: You can add automation to any block of content on a Canvas Page in order to capture more information about your attendees, and trigger follow-up actions that provide a meaningful boost to attendees’ experience.

You could use automation to:

  •   Ensure that all attendees who play a sponsor’s video in its entirety automatically receive an SMS or email afterward that refers to the video’s content and provides them with further content that could be of interest or a special offer.
  •   Instantly deliver a thank you SMS/email when attendees complete a lead capture form or competition entry form.
  •   Easily create a record of every attendee that downloaded a specific resource on a key topic, so you can better segment follow-up marketing activity based on the same subject matter.
  •   Automatically track how attendees engaged with your keynote presentations to then filter your list of attendees to send follow-up communications to highly engaged people and further build rapport.

With very little effort you can deliver small moments that make attendees feel noticed. Predicting and meeting people’s needs in a seamless way, and personalizing your interactions based on real insights about an individual, are both surefire ways to delight.


While many online event platforms offer tools designed to engage people during your virtual event—they vary in their levels of nuance and polish. Jomablue Community is unrivaled when it comes to functionality that lets you craft wow moments that enhance the user experience and make your event more memorable.

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