Bring virtual event experiences to life

event management software

Focus on engagement

Connect attendees with large and small group interactions, and one-to-one networking.

Jomablue_line_icons_Every feature you need for a blend of virtual _ in-person

Virtual and hybrid tools

Reach remote audiences or compliment in-person activity with online content.

Jomablue_line_icons_Integrated features for every experience

Fully integrated features

Work seamlessly across every step of an event, regardless of how they view event content.

Jomablue_line_icons_Vibrant branding tools

Dynamic experiences

Flexible, attractive pages, that change over the course of an event program - before, during, and after.

The home of virtual engagement

virtual event software

Powerful virtual experiences

  • Interact with your audience in an engaging digital context.
  • Support single-session presentations through to multi-day summit-style events for 100,000 attendees.
  • Industry-leading page design features enable content to automatically change throughout an event program. Customize content for before, during, and after a session or event.

Access intelligent engagement tools

  • Flexible options to broadcast to a wide audience or bring together an intimate group.
  • Multiple options to interact directly with presenters and attendees.
  • Virtual Sponsor Booths enable viewers to connect with exhibitors to generate marketing leads.
Hybrid Event Software

Support Hybrid experiences

  • Compliment an in-person event with a digital track.
  • Scale the in-person and virtual reach of an event as needed.
  • Drive connection with interaction opportunities across virtual and in-person expereinces.

Interact with your virtual audience

live stream software

Live Stream

Stream live sessions to a global audience. Event industry-specific features support AV teams to deliver streams more easily.

Jomablue Broadcast

Easy live stream Broadcast for up to 16 Hosts at the click of a button. All presenters need is an internet connection, camera, and audio capabilities.

Simulated Live

Pre-record a virtual event presentation, edit it as much as you like, upload it to Jomablue, and set it to play during a session as if it were live.

Video tables

Enable one-on-one or group discussions that augment sessions. Great for brainstorming, break-outs, or VIP and sales conversations.

Video on Demand (VOD)

VODs are ideal for communicating welcome messages, bringing sponsor pages to life, and hosting session content beyond event day.

Live Reactions

Elicit emotions and add color. Individuals express themselves with custom responses like ‘clap’ or ‘laugh’ and see group sentiments in real-time.

Content Sharing

Showcase and control how you share diverse content including reports, white papers or e-books. Offer sponsor lead capture or newsletter subscription through tap-and-go experiences.

Live Chat

Engage and delight audiences by encouraging their input through chat boxes or Q&A discussion provided by leading 3rd party providers.

Jomablue Q&A

A popular solution for supporting virtual and hybrid audiences’ need to ask questions while ensuring organizers can moderate what gets air-play.


Match like-minded attendees and prompt live chat within the platform. Host dynamic video-enabled gatherings for small groups.

Photo Booth

Delight attendees with this interactive feature. Upload a selfie, add backgrounds, frames, and stickers, then share the result in the Photo Gallery.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Deliver value through dedicated exhibitor pages, multiple touchpoints, and well-designed CTAs. Differentiate sponsor benefits with reporting about attendees’ interactions with their brand.

Virtual Sessions

Understand how every click shapes attendee engagement. Know who watched what and for how long. Gauge popular sessions, speakers, and content.

Canvas Templates

Build virtual events pages quickly using one of our suggested layouts or create your own page template to use again and again.

Design Studio

Ensure attractive, best-practice virtual event page designs from our in-house digital service. Create digital page designs that are on-brand, highly engaging, and unique to your event.


How is Jomablue different from other virtual event platforms that I see?

Firstly, we provide one platform for every style of event and support the entire life-cycle of event activity. You can use Jomablue to create engaging virtual events and access support from our in-person event tools.

Secondly, Jomablue is built around two key values – customer experience and capturing meaningful data from event activity. Every feature is created with these two benefits in mind, so you trust that customers will have an amazing experience and your business will benefit from a comprehensive view of event interactions.

I want to host a hybrid event, can Jomablue help me?

Jomablue is designed to seamlessly host virtual and in-person event activity side-by-side. Every feature is managed from one platform, to unify event data as well as the attendee experiences.

We are running an in-person only event and I don’t need all those virtual features inside Community. Do I still need to pay for them?

Our Enterprise with Community package includes digital content sharing and networking tools – similar to what you might have previously used in your event app. Community Plus unlocks everything you need to host a virtual, or hybrid event.

We are creating our first virtual event. Can I get some help getting started?

Jomablue is based in Sydney, Australia, and has a dedicated project team that is happy to provide advice around getting started with virtual events. Be sure to book a demo and explain to the team that you are looking for some direction on how to make your virtual event stand out.

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