Drive engagement through flexible page design

You’ve probably crossed ‘choose the right venue’ off your to-do list, now that COVID-19 has ushered in a new era of virtual events. However, now there’s the added pressure of effectively using technology to connect with attendees and deliver value for sponsors online. 

One of the biggest frustrations for event organizers looking to pivot to online events is being able to match the engagement levels of live, in-person activity. How can you deliver the same vibrancy in a virtual context? After all, event organizers have always used physical space for branding, to cultivate ambiance and facilitate intimacy and involvement.

Clearly, the quality of digital design in virtual spaces is key.

But you shouldn’t have to gain in-depth technical skills in order to build a highly engaging and differentiated user experience. Jomablue is redefining the industry standard when it comes to designing online spaces that support meaningful interactions: whether that’s actively tuning in and responding during a session, networking with other attendees, or interacting with sponsors and exhibitors.

Flexible page design for the experiences that matter

Jomablue Community gives you the creative and practical capabilities needed to bring your event’s purpose to life by creating highly memorable experiences.

The platform makes it easy for event organizers to custom-build unique event session and exhibitor pages, using what we call Canvas pages.

Session and exhibitor pages in Community are where the real action happens: they are only visible to registered attendees because they present your event’s meatiest content. It pays to make them pop, which is why our Canvas pages are so configurable.

Our flexible approach to page design lets you pick and choose from a broad range of engagement tools and features, without the need for any technical production expertise. You can flexibly arrange multiple ‘blocks’ of content, and integrate third-party plug-ins, to build out a specific experience for any event session or sponsor.

What kind of experiences can you build with Canvas Pages?

By collaborating with a Jomablue product consultant you can bring together the perfect combination of content blocks to create a unique experience. Use color, images, video, documents, interactive tools, ads, and other files to achieve your desired effect.

Choose from blocks within the platform or integrate your preferred application. If an app has an OpenAPI it’s possible for our team to assess building a plug-in to embed on any Canvas page.

Want to create consistent page design across sessions and exhibitor pages? We can help you design high impact pages for every session and sponsor. You might offer more customized pages as a benefit to high-level sponsors, or add interactive features for keynote sessions only. It’s up to you.

Use blocks to create time-sensitive moments of impact. For instance, you could have a count-down timer before a live session begins, make chat boxes visible at a certain point during a keynote, or display a major sponsor’s advertisement at a specific time during a session presentation.

In addition, clicks, views, and downloaded content is trackable. See exactly how different content performs, and provide your sponsors with real-time lead data—that’s a powerful way to demonstrate return on investment.

What does an engaging Canvas page for an event session look like?

With Jomablue Community Canvas Pages, you can give virtual attendees:

For example, check out this compelling session page event that immediately builds visual excitement for attendees:

What does an appealing Canvas page for an exhibitor look like?

With Jomablue Community Canvas Pages, you can enable sponsors to:

For example, see how WaterAid’s exhibitor page uses an engaging video intro, CTAs, and image and text blocks to connect with visitors:

Use custom-built Canvas pages to drive engagement at your next event

Jomablue Community offers sophisticated engagement tools, yet makes designing your most critical online experiences simple. We know what an engaging event looks like, and we are constantly developing our product to give you more ways to achieve a dynamic and successful virtual event. 

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