Online events are an incredibly cost-effective way to reach and engage a large audience, and with the right event technology you can create powerful, personalized interactions too. 

A one-to-many approach works well for many virtual presentations, but sometimes you need to foster closer collaboration with, and between, attendees. Jomablue improves event organizers’ ability to bring people together face-to-face during a virtual event. 

Now you can use the Jomablue platform to deliver small group activities or private conversations within a virtual setting, such as workshops, breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, networking activities, and sales/introductory meetings.

New to Jomablue Community: Video Tables

The Video Table feature sits inside Community, Jomablue’s Virtual Event solution. It allows you to host one-to-one or group video conferences, with up to 16 participants at once. Once registered attendees join a video table on any session or exhibitor page. Video Tables can also be placed on pages only accessible to a specific customer group, for example those with VIP status or a particular job title.

What’s Jomablue Community?

Jomablue Community lets you create professional and engaging virtual experiences for online events, hybrid events, or to support an in-person event. The platform’s success hinges on our highly flexible and user-friendly pages that can host a wide variety of virtual event experiences from sessions, to sponsor booths, networking and more.

Canvas Pages and Blocks explained

The key pages where event sessions and exhibitor content sit are known as ‘Canvas Pages’. They can include multiple interactive tools: live and pre-recorded video, Q&A tools, live chat, links, downloads, image slideshows, and more. We help you customize your Canvas Pages by combining these ‘blocks’ of content. Blocks can either be native functionality within the platform or third-party tools and plug-ins. 

Why we delivered a Video Table Block 

Previously, you’d have to link from a Canvas Page to a third-party video chat tool like Zoom for similar functionality. Now, you can keep attendees on the Canvas page.

That’s a big deal for a number of reasons:

How can you use Video Tables to improve your virtual event?

Some examples of how using Video Tables can enhance an online event experience:

Included with an event session, you could also run…

Exhibitors could harness Video Tables to support…

Or you could host a specific virtual networking event…

Every event can benefit from breakouts

Presenters and facilitators will appreciate the flexibility of being able to engage with smaller groups to create a more intimate and collaborative experience. A virtual ‘seat at the table’ is also an empowering experience for many, which can leave people with a lasting, positive impression of your event.

When you want more input from your audience, nothing beats face-to-face. Our new Video Table feature improves virtual interactions to create a seamless and effortlessly engaging event experience.

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