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Release notes – March 2021

Check out these enhancements to virtual event page design, reporting, and the user experience.

Jomablue is committed to creating virtual event experiences that captivate audiences and provide tangible value for organizers. Take a look at the latest features, improvements, and changes to the platform included in our latest release.

NEW: Community login timeout now configurable
By default, Community has a login window of 30 days. That means once a user logs in, they can return anytime they want to for 30 days and will not be asked to log in again. In this release the window of time – 30 days – can be configured in an instance to whatever the organizers need it to be. 

NEW: IBM Cloud Video Player Block Interaction is now configurable
By default, a block interaction is recorded for every 60 seconds of video an attendee consumes. New configuration options provide greater control of this interaction. For example, record an interaction for every 2min or 5min of content watched. 

NEW: Community Preview Mode
When building a Community site if you want to review how a page looks, simply click the Launch button to preview pages immediately.

NEW: New Internal link block
This new Block manages links to other internal pages while measuring a clickthrough.

NEW: “dialog-card-background”
A new custom theming option has been added allowing the configuration of dialog card backgrounds. This enables page builders to control the background of the Direct Messaging popup or profile (top right) dropdown.

IMPROVED: Community site OTP time
A 45-second countdown timer will appear while waiting for a One Time Password (OTP). This was previously 30 seconds.

IMPROVED: Images to support transparency (instead of white)
Transparent images are designed so the image ends at the edge of the shape.
Other images have a white background surrounding them up to the edge of the file. Community Canvas Pages can now support images with transparent backgrounds. When placed on colored or patterned background non-transparent images show white space. This improvement enables transparency to be supported as shown in the examples below.

IMPROVED: Agenda display
If an event runs for a long period of time (over 20 days) the Agenda page now has the ability to scroll horizontally to view more dates.

IMPROVED: Canvas caching
Canvas caching has been improved to support faster canvas load times. Changes to a Canvas now take up to two mins to propagate.

IMPROVED: Accuracy of Video Table seats
We have improved how the Video Tables feature polls for available seats.

IMPROVED: ‘Advanced Customization’
Adding items in the Advanced Customizations field is easier now with the pop-out field for easier editing.

IMPROVED: Lobby design
Inner edge padding on the Lobby landing page has been adjusted (event title, description, and venue component).

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