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Virtual Event Sponsor Value

Finding the right sponsors for an event can be critical to your commercial success, and negotiations often hinge on the relevance and impact of the benefits you offer. You need to deliver real value to make sponsorships a significant source of income. 

If you’re organizing a virtual or hybrid event—your ability to deliver value is further tested by the kind of digital experiences you’re able to create. There’s a fine line to walk between leveraging your audience’s attention, without compromising on the delivery of a captivating experience.

You’ll need a flexible and functional event platform to build online environments that engage attendees and concurrently help sponsors to raise their brand’s profile, engage prospective customers, or learn more about a specific customer group or demographic. 

Jomablue’s integrated event platform has a wide range of features for maximizing the benefits for sponsors when delivering events with an online component. 

Three ways you can use Jomablue Community for value-packed sponsorships

1. Effective branding, logo and content placement in virtual spaces

  • Feature sponsors in your online lobby: With Jomablue Community, attendees access a ‘lobby’ or welcome page when they register. It’s simple to add key sponsors’ logos to your event’s welcome page design in harmony with other event messages. 
  • Standalone Sponsors page: Build a web page within your online event space that showcases all your sponsors, including the use of embedded links so attendees can easily learn more. 
  • Virtual Exhibition Booth: Our incredibly flexible Canvas Pages can be used to design unique exhibitor pages with the perfect combination of engagement tools. You can enable sponsors to present brand messages, videos, article downloads, special offers and calls-to-action. Virtual booths are a great way to differentiate various levels of sponsorship: high-level sponsors could receive more inclusions and more control over page design and branding. 
  • Sponsor lead capture: Various lead capture options are available to quickly collect contact details of event attendees that visit a sponsor’s virtual exhibition booth. With a simple click of a button, attendees can choose to: directly contact sponsors; download a brochure; access a voucher; or request a demo. Lead data is then shared with that sponsor. 
    • Tip: Encourage sponsors to have a re-engagement plan in place for the next interaction—such as inviting leads to a networking workshop or follow-up webinar—to facilitate continued engagement for both virtual and hybrid attendees. This will enable sponsors to gain even greater ROI on lead capture from an event.
  • Ad blocks: Any session or exhibition booth page within your virtual event space (designed with Canvas Pages) can also feature advertisements. Ad blocks offer a visually compelling way to highlight sponsor messages or offers. Consider using animated images like GIFs to make the message pop.

2. Enabling sponsors to connect with audiences via virtual experiences

Branding is an important promotional benefit for sponsors, but you can drive even deeper connection between sponsors and attendees by integrating brands with event experiences. Successfully linking the core content and interactions you’re delivering online with sponsor interests requires finesse—luckily, Jomablue Community makes it easy.

  • Session Sponsorship: Bring sponsors into your program in nuanced ways. You might offer sponsors session naming rights, logo inclusions on session pages or video title screens, or the ability to include their own speaker. In addition, sponsors of a specific session can also receive data about all audience members that viewed the session or downloaded supporting content, which they can use for lead generation. 
    • Tip: For hybrid events, consider ways to drive in-person attendees to a sponsored session page by hosting content like speaker bios or presentation notes in the virtual environment. You might make videos of live sessions available online post-event—to extend the life of your event for in-person audiences and give sponsors additional opportunities to have their brand promoted. 
  • Video Tables: Support sponsors by inviting them to participate in small group discussions in the form of Q&A’s, networking breakouts, or ‘meet the expert’ sessions. Our video tables feature lets you create video chat rooms without third-party tools or forcing attendees to leave the virtual event environment. 
  • Intelligent Networking: Jomablue boasts the most intuitive networking matching algorithm on the market. Sponsors can receive networking recommendations that help them identify and reach out to relevant prospects or potential business partners—based on session attendance choice or other event content consumed. Once two people connect, they can converse via direct messages, or however they choose, by swapping digital business cards.

3. Add value for sponsors with creative use of data reporting

You’ll gain in-depth reporting for sponsor lead generation when you adopt Jomablue’s platform to plan and deliver your virtual or hybrid event. Our cleverly integrated technologies and features—which capture attendee data across any format—mean you and your sponsors get rich and meaningful insights into how people behave and their likelihood of being a warm lead. 

Give your sponsors so much more than a collection of business cards in a fishbowl: give them true event intelligence that they can use for targeted follow-up marketing. 

For instance, they’ll get answers to questions like:

  • Who downloaded the sponsor brochure/white paper during a sponsored session? 
  • Who attended a sponsored breakout? 
  • How many impressions did the sponsor’s banner get during the keynote? 
  • Who watched the session pre-reel sponsor ad?

Having this level of visibility can support lead conversion and add more value to the partnership.

What features should you offer in your online sponsorship packages?

Jomablue provides many ways to deliver value for virtual and hybrid event sponsors, but what’s the ideal mix of benefits to offer in the packages and proposals you develop? 

You could tier your sponsor packages like this:


Change the conversation with sponsors and exhibitors during your next virtual event with the #1 Australian event platform. Contact us today.

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