Which feature should you choose for virtual event interaction?

Jomablue helps remove limitations on how event organizers can interact with virtual audiences. In fact, you’ll benefit from a wide variety of interaction tools when you use Jomablue Community to plan and deliver virtual or hybrid events.

And when it comes to engaging people online, variety matters because:

This post explains the Jomablue Community features you can take advantage of to deliver the ideal virtual or hybrid experience, in the context of common interaction scenarios—from one person presenting to a large group through to one-to-one interactions.

Share messages broadly

One person communicating to a large group is a core aspect of any virtual event. For instance, when your keynote speaker delivers their thoughts—addressing the entire virtual audience. It also includes interactions where a single audience member shares a message with the broader group—such as by asking a question during Q&A.

You might also want your audience to be able to share and receive information amongst themselves during sessions or livestreams—we also support this whole group interaction.

Jomablue Community features for sharing messages to a broad audience:

Small group interactions

Bringing together small groups of people within a larger event is an excellent way to add value, encourage collaboration, or deliver exclusive benefits to attendees or sponsors.

For example, you may want to offer:

Jomablue Community feature for small group interaction:  

Read the blog we wrote to introduce our video tables feature.

Encourage individual connection

Just because an event is online doesn’t mean attendees can’t meet and interact as individuals. Making connections with other people is still the number one reason people attend events.

Jomablue Community features for one-to-one interactions include:

No matter which interaction methods you choose, you’ll have the tools you need to shape each experience for your virtual or hybrid event. Jomablue Community helps you bring a human touch to online interactions, in a sophisticated and scalable way.

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