Virtual Event Interaction

Which feature should you choose for virtual event interaction?

Jomablue helps remove limitations on how event organizers can interact with virtual audiences. In fact, you’ll benefit from a wide variety of interaction tools when you use Jomablue Community to plan and deliver virtual or hybrid events.

And when it comes to engaging people online, variety matters because:

  • It’s easy to get tired and distracted when you’re staring at a screen for hours
  • Changing up the format can make content more interesting and digestible
  • Getting viewers involved helps people process and remember the experience
  • Direct contact and individual connection is powerful when used effectively.

This post explains the Jomablue Community features you can take advantage of to deliver the ideal virtual or hybrid experience, in the context of common interaction scenarios—from one person presenting to a large group through to one-to-one interactions.

Share messages broadly

One person communicating to a large group is a core aspect of any virtual event. For instance, when your keynote speaker delivers their thoughts—addressing the entire virtual audience. It also includes interactions where a single audience member shares a message with the broader group—such as by asking a question during Q&A.

You might also want your audience to be able to share and receive information amongst themselves during sessions or livestreams—we also support this whole group interaction.

Jomablue Community features for sharing messages to a broad audience:

  • Live Stream: Speeches and other presentations are streamed live to a large, waiting audience. Jomablue has integrations with a number of leading providers so your event gets exactly the experience you are looking for.
  • Video on Demand: Pre-recorded videos that may have been edited, designed for wide consumption as and when desired by your attendees. Simply host a video on any number of leading platforms and we can build it into the virtual event experience.
  • Q&A: Our Slido integration powers publicly displayed questions (which can be moderated beforehand) that all attendees can see and up-vote. Answers may be delivered verbally by the presenter, or via written replies that everyone can view.
  • Live Chat: Essentially a public, group chat that encourages attendees to share comments or feedback, typically used during a live presentation. The chat is visible to everyone, and everyone (organizers, presenters, and attendees) can reply and respond to chat messages as well.
  • Live Reactions: Enables individual audience members to react using emoticons or graphics, and the collective ‘reactions’ are displayed to everyone in real-time—a fun, visual way to give a sense of how your audience feels. Reactions can simulate applause, group laugher, or another shared emotion.
  • Polling: Integrate a polling experience hosted on Slideo to ask whole group questions in order to engage and learn more about them. For example ask your audience about their location, reasons for attending, or even their favourite breakfast.

Small group interactions

Bringing together small groups of people within a larger event is an excellent way to add value, encourage collaboration, or deliver exclusive benefits to attendees or sponsors.

For example, you may want to offer:

  • Practical workshops that expand on a session topic
  • Breakout sessions to brainstorm ideas or actions
  • Discussion with an industry expert
  • An invite-only virtual networking opportunity

Jomablue Community feature for small group interaction:  

  • Video Tables: A group of up to 16 people can meet across a virtual ‘meeting table’ from directly within the Jomablue Community online environment. Instead of having to intergrate a tool like Zoom, you can create meeting spaces, chats, and breakouts from the same platform where you showcase your core session content. Multiple Video Tables are recommended to bring people together throughout a virtual event.

Read the blog we wrote to introduce our video tables feature.

Encourage individual connection

Just because an event is online doesn’t mean attendees can’t meet and interact as individuals. Making connections with other people is still the number one reason people attend events.

Jomablue Community features for one-to-one interactions include:

  • Intelligent networking: Attendees can opt-in to receive recommendations on other attendees that they might be interested in connecting with. Matched audience members who accept connections can instantly private message each other, chat 1:1, and swap virtual business cards.
  • Individual messaging: As your audience interacts during a public, live chat they discover other attendees that they want to continue to converse with one-on-one. An individual can reach out with a direct message, connect with someone via the Intelligent Networking feature, and continue the conversation in a private setting.
  • Lead generation in exhibitor booths: Naturally your sponsors will value the chance to speak directly with as many attendees as possible. Virtual booths make it possible for attendees to request more information and reach out directly to interact with exhibitors.

No matter which interaction methods you choose, you’ll have the tools you need to shape each experience for your virtual or hybrid event. Jomablue Community helps you bring a human touch to online interactions, in a sophisticated and scalable way.

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