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Release summary – November 2021

Discover the latest Jomablue features below, developed to make event experiences streamlined and more personal. To find out more about any of these new features, speak to our team of experts.


NEW: Pre-populate forms with CRM data

Supercharge your email campaigns by parsing customer details from your CRM to populate Jomablue forms.

  • Add URL parameters to your email communications. For example name and email address.
  • Attendees access registration pages that are partly completed making it faster and easier to register.
  • Log-in pages can also be pre-filled so attendees get to the action sooner.

Jomablue Sign Up

A quick, easy sign-up process for late registrations.

  • Conveniently positioned below the Community log-in form is a call to action for last-minute registrations [Register now].
  • Jomablue Sign Up is simpler than a full registration form so is quick and easy to complete.
  • Designed for use during free events.

Single-click sign up for free events

Utilize form pre-fill tools to create a single-click sign-up experience for free events.

  • Send demand gen communications from your CRM that link to a new Sign Up form.
  • Use the email to pre-populate customer name, email, and company.
  • Attendees review and submit their registration in a single click!

Email campaign reporting

Organizers can now access detailed reporting about email campaign delivery, opens, and clicks.

  • Campaign reports show details of the number of emails delivered, opened, or clicked, and indentify delivery issues.
  • Individual attendee reports show who received, opened, or clicked on email communications from multiple sources e.g. ticketing, event comms, etc.
  • Measure campaign engagement, understand who has and hasn’t read vital event information, identify send issues in an instant.

Deliver richer digital engagement with Experience Ratings 

Experience ratings are now available in Jomablue helping Community builders create better experiences. When building a Community page with content blocks the user is alerted when we detect something could be improved. For example in Simulated Live when uploading video files Jomablue will highlight potential issues and provide hints and tips for an improved experience.

NEW: Interaction reporting for live stream

Jomablue now analyzes video interactions and produces per-person metrics on time watched and playback.

NEW: Download Q&A entries to review all questions and responses.

More efficient, more powerful file download processes.


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