Jomablue is delighted to announce we have recently moved our data architecture to a serverless model. The impacts of this change are significant and broad-reaching across the products and features we provide. Every area of Jomablue, our marketing tools, and our virtual event experiences are faster, more agile, and more efficient. 

However, as a customer none of this is visible. Below is an explanation of what serverless is and why it propels Jomablue ahead in service and scalability.

So, what is serverless?

In this article IMB explains serverless like this:

“Serverless is a cloud computing execution model that:

This means that the backend infrastructure support you need for your event scales moment-to-moment accessing as much, or as little as you need. When applied to an event environment it means that during peak activity times – such as sending massive email/SMS campaigns, live streaming to hundreds of thousands of viewers, or on event day for an 185,000 pax conference – the serverless model can immediately scale up to meet this demand.

Previously, like many SaaS providers, Jomablue would estimate load by asking for attendee forecasts and comms schedules. This information was needed to anticipate when more or less capacity was required. With serverless, Jomablue can instantly access the backend resources needed to run events at a massive scale. It also removes the need to mitigate against risks of ‘server crashes’ under peak load.

Why is that important?

While the look and feel of Jomablue will not change, serverless brings some important benefits.

More importantly, this significant change embodies our dedication to harnessing the latest technological advancements to the benefit of our customers. This is the biggest advancement since launching a Progressive Web Application and in the same way, will make wholesale improvements to every part of the platform.  

Jomablue has an unwavering commitment to providing experiences at the forefront of digital capabilities. This is another way we bring that vision to life and set the president for our industry. 

For more information about how Jomablue can support your small or massive events with world-leading technology speak to one of our experts.

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