Discover new features, integrations, and updates to Jomablue.

Jomablue strives to set the standard in platform flexibility and user experience across virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Below are the details from our latest release as we consistently evolve as a virtual event leader.

NEW: Support for IBM Cloud Video live stream and video on demand
We continue to expand the options for using video providers of your choice in Community sites. This release welcomes IBM Cloud Video who provides both Live Streaming and Video On Demand. Content is hosted on this provider and presented within a Community canvas. Configuration options include a wide selection of aspect ratios, toggle player controls on/off, autoplay toggle, and display up to 20 holding slides when a live stream is not available. Customers are required to have an IBM Cloud Video account to use this block.

NEW: Support for Vidyard video on demand
This video on demand block provides for a wide range of configurations largely controlled within the Vidyard interface. These reach across player controls including the ability to display an animated gif as the thumbnail. The integration with Jomablue allows us an array of interaction data including the ability to capture specific video reached (played) milestones such as 25%, 50%, or 95%. Customers are required to have a Vidyard account to use this block.

NEW: Unlisted Custom Pages
Custom pages and custom Canvas Pages have a new configuration option that allows them to be excluded from appearing in the navigation menu. This opens the door for delivering dynamic content outside of the standard Lobby, Speaker, Session, Sponsor, and Agenda pages. The Restricted Access feature is supported enabling page access to either everyone in the Community or limited just to those you want to see them. 

NEW: Featured Page Block
Use the Featured Page Block to promote Custom Pages on a Community site. Informational or instructional pages, libraries of content, and promotional offers are all examples of content easily cross-promoted on other pages. The block configuration offers a number of creative executions such as text overlay on an image. Users navigate to the destination page with a single click on a Featured page Block. 

NEW: Per-Canvas Custom Backgrounds
Designers working on a custom theme for a Community site will appreciate the flexibility to apply different backgrounds on different pages. In addition to global site settings for page backgrounds, it’s now possible to create a page-specific background design. This is available on on the Lobby, in Session Detail Pages and Canvases, Vendor Detail Pages and Canvases, and Community Pages.

NEW: Canvas Launch Button
Previewing a Canvas page during the build stage is now faster with the ability to view a Canvas by clicking the Launch Page option from inside the page builder. 

NEW: Customise the Community Login Form
The Community Login Form now supports customization of the following elements; Login Page Header, Login Page Description, and Login Page Error Message.

IMPROVED: Coupon Discount Selector
The Coupon Discount Selector now features a searchable list.

IMPROVED: Speaker Block
If a Speaker Block does not include a description, the white space is automatically removed. This will improve the overall presentation of speaker pages.

IMPROVED: Featured Session Blocks
Now display with the expected amount of padding.

IMPROVED: Transparent images enabled
White backgrounds have been removed from images so transparent images display as expected on Community Header Images, Community Menu Images, and Vendor Header Images.

To find out more about these or any other Jomablue features simply contact the team.

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