Jomablue is no stranger to the Event Technology Awards. Attending for the fourth consecutive year as a finalist is something we celebrate. Winning awards … well, we’ll never stop being absolutely thrilled to get that recognition on a global stage. 

This year is no different. Winning in two categories for Best Visitor Registration Technology and Best Ticketing Technology, while being finalists in a third category Best Attendee Management Technology, we could not be more proud.

Best Visitor Registration Technology
Winners 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016

Jomablue is well known for the multi-award-winning registration (check-in) experience we create. Thanks to our breakthrough technology, arrival queues are completely eliminated and each attendee is greeted right away, in person, by name. It takes just three seconds to check-in, then receives a Jomablue Smart Badge, before continuing on to explore the event. We believe technology, used at its best, helps organizers create more personal event experiences and strengthen relationships with attendees, rather than, as is so often the case, technology creating a barrier between them.

Best Ticketing Technology
Winners 2019

Jomablue’s unique technology sets the standard in events across the globe. QR coded tickets are sent by SMS to everyone registered, moments before the event, and then simply scanned upon arrival to register each person. It’s highly mobile, easily scalable, and incredibly flexible.  Sending, accessing, and managing ticket data has never been so simple and trouble-free.

Best Attendee Management Technology
Finalists 2019, Winners 2018

Highly flexible, scalable, and streamlined, Jomablue Event Check-in can welcome tens of thousands of arrivals from multiple access points in a fraction of the time taken by any other provider. Arrivals never stop moving as they tap their e-ticket, collect their Smart Badge, and keep going into the event. Safety, privacy, and GDPR concerns are also eliminated thanks to this groundbreaking attendee management technology. 

Jomablue Smart Badges, issued during event check-in is the key to our sophisticated attendee management capability. Event engagement opportunities enable organizers to learn more about their customers from the types of content they consume. They also provide an unparalleled opportunity for beautifully executed attendee management. For example, by offering compelling content throughout an event (e.g. sessions, tap-to-download information, exhibitors, demos, and workshops) organizers can see where everybody is, how they are behaving, and how to proactively manage issues like congestion and delayed sessions, and also troubleshoot low performing areas.

The Event Technology Awards recognize the achievements of companies delivering digital and technological solutions to the events industry and attract the world’s best players. We see these awards as recognition from our peers for our work in setting new standards across our range.

Jomablue is the leader in events intelligence. We empower top brands to transform event experiences into sales and marketing insights. Contact us to transform your events.

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