A platform solution that will support virtual event return on investment

The importance of technology for supporting events during COVID-19 

With the shakeup to the events industry that COVID-19 has caused, event organizers are quickly learning new ways to reach their audiences. It is impressive how quickly businesses have adapted. A new era of virtual event activity is well underway. With social distancing and other restrictions looking like they will be around for a while to come, it’s just as well.

As with any change that happens quickly, there are a number of things event organizers have had to learn the hard way. For example, the way virtual event content needs to be presented is different from an in-person event. Also, how important the right technology partner is for creating a professional experience online. 

Virtual event platforms are stepping up to help event organizers in the short term to deliver their event programs. But what about the longer term? 

What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid events hold the key to reaching a broader audience even after current social restrictions are lifted. Event organizers can host an in-person event for those who wish to physically attend and complement this activity with a virtual iteration hosted online. 

And the best part? Many attendees can access both in-person and online event content for the same event. Hybrid event platforms provide a way to engage an in-person audience before and after the event and reach a remote audience with engaging experiences.

Why is that important when looking for a virtual event solution?

The need to provide virtual event experiences poses many issues for event creators. They need to source new technology providers and learn how to host a cohesive experience for attendees. Solutions need to host live-streamed presentations, video on demand, networking apps, session and sponsor information, and much more. Leading virtual event platforms can bring these elements to a single location, centralizing information, and bringing a business community together. 

Event organizers are quickly learning how to identify leading technology solutions and learning how to use them. That is a lot of work for something that will only be relevant for the short term. Right?


We predict that accessing virtual event content will aid event organizers well into the future. Hosting hybrid events that engage both in-person and virtual attendees provides a way for businesses to reach audiences regardless of their location on site, or at home. The benefits of this will remain a very relevant element of post-COVID event activity.

Not only that, but it means the investment businesses make now in adopting new technology to host virtual and hybrid events, is time and money well spent. Event organizers can replace in-person events in the short term and complement in-person events with online activity in the long term, to the benefit of their business.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t simply adopt a virtual event hosting tool that will take time and money and only last a few months, invest in a solution to support your events both now and into the future.

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