Virtual Event Custom Theme

Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia

Virtual Event Custom Theme

Beautiful custom design theme for CosDocs 2021 virtual event

Promoting excellence in cosmetic medicine is the mission of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA). Events are a key way the College helps its practitioners to maintain their knowledge and high standards.

In 2021, the College worked with us to create a custom website for its CosDoc conference—a one-day online event held in June that included a line-up of respected local and international speakers. 

Given the uncertainty around COVID-19, CPCA was committed to a virtual event but it was also keen to give attendees a profoundly interactive and impressive digital experience. For the College, that meant great functionality and a stunning design.

Fortunately, Jomablue offers both: a cutting-edge event platform and talented in-house design services through Jomablue Studio. CPCA worked with Jomablue Studio to tailor its event theme and capitalize fully on our platform’s theming capabilities.

Custom theme from Jomablue Studio augments CPCA’s quality content

Content is at the heart of successful events and CosDocs 2021 was packed with insights.

CPCA brought together experts in the cosmetic medicine field across two concurrent scientific content streams, covering topics like using injectables, thread lifting, lasers and radio frequency devices; the gut-skin connection; patient safety; managing complications from treatments; and business building. 

The College used Jomablue’s event platform to deliver 16 hours of live presentations and Q&As streamed on the day, and make recordings accessible for 30 days following the event. It also leveraged Jomablue to offer a digital ‘lobby’ area, virtual sponsor booths, online networking, and live chat.

Choosing to work with Jomablue Studio to customize the design of its virtual event pages took the event to another level. When content and interactions are all on-screen—how those screens look and feel to navigate is critical.

Jomablue Studio created visually cohesive and appealing page designs that compelled attendees to explore and engage, ensuring the content and experiences planned by CPCA could take center stage.

3 Eye-catching design features of CosDocs 2021

Jomablue Studio’s designers made the most of theming tools within the Jomablue platform to put CPCA’s event at the forefront of digital experiences. The team drew on best practice knowledge gained from designing hundreds of successful virtual events.

Here are three key design decisions that enhanced CosDocs 2021:

1. High levels of brand consistency by reflecting the style of CPCA’s website

  • The colour palette and graphic styles were inspired by CPCA’s existing marketing assets, especially its website. This strengthened brand recognition across the College’s touchpoints.
  • While the event pages mirrored the structure, image styles, and shapes from CPCA’s other marketing materials, Jomablue Studio stylized these elements for the event pages to make them ‘pop’ and also to achieve brand consistency across the various virtual event experiences.
2. Layout that helps humans connect with content in logical and meaningful ways
  • Busy, crowded pages make understanding content on a screen more difficult so Jomablue Studio ensured CosDocs 2021’s virtual space was balanced through the use of white space.
  • By grouping features and creating a hierarchy of content across each of the conference’s pages, the content told a story for attendees.
  • Small layout tricks that have a huge impact were applied carefully. For example a subtle background image; using transparency to layer visuals, applying colors and text in interesting ways; and soft edges that draw the eye.


3. A focus on beauty and sophistication

  • The colors, style of graphics, and the caliber of the images chosen are not simply on-brand, they’re sleek and sophisticated—and come together in an attractive way that speaks to CPCA’s focus on excellence.
  • Jomablue Studio paid attention to the overall cohesiveness of the design across all pages within CPCA’s virtual event space, to further convey a sense of elegance.

Custom design makes CosDocs 2021 conference stand apart

Functionality and design work together online, so leveraging the skills of an experienced, dedicated design team with in-depth knowledge of your event platform is a wise move. By hosting their virtual conference using Jomablue’s platform and working with Jomablue Studio to develop custom theming across their virtual event pages, the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia offered a more captivating experience for its audiences.

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