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Networking made easy

Effortless networking at your fingertips with Jomablue Lead Capture. Leverage a digital solution that lets you capture, profile, and share leads, all while keeping your focus where it belongs – on building relationships. With Jomablue Lead Capture, you can:

  • Instantly collect leads with just a tap of a Smart Badge.
  • Customise your Connections with tags and notes to profile leads 
  • Access and share leads with authorised team members at anytime

Smart Badge Tap

Instantly capture lead details by tapping an attendee's Smart Badge. Ideal for trade shows, exhibitions when used with the Jomablue Smart Badge.

Lead Profiling

Better equip your sales & marketing teams post-event with improved segmentation and profiling of leads.

Email Follow-Up

Instantly send relevant product information via email, directly from your Lead Capture device.

Lead Export

Export and email leads lists securely from your Lead Capture device and send to authorised team members at any time.

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