If you care about outcomes, focus on features

Free yourself from multiple event delivery tools: Jomablue’s features cover the entire event lifecycle and can be flexibly applied to any format.

Virtual events

Build lively virtual spaces with superior design and in-built interactive tools. Get reporting that makes every mouse-click meaningful.

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Hybrid events

Expand and differentiate your events. Remain adaptable and seamlessly offer virtual experiences alongside in-person ones.

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In-person events

Ensure event-day is effortless and filled with good surprises. Guide safe and engaging use of physical spaces and leverage behavioral insights.

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Our Features

Ticketing and Registration

Make it easy for people to commit—to both free and paid events. Templates and e-ticketing campaigns mean more bookings with less work.

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Add a digital environment to any event. Dedicated and beautifully designed web portals to share content and host virtual sessions.

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Event Check-in and Badging

Reduce friction and enable more personal touches with fast, mobile check-in.
Monitor interactions with every tap of a Smart Badge.

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Create branded, segmented, and automated communications and campaigns across web, email, and SMS. Capture and cultivate leads with ease.

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Session Management

See who did what, and when—with reliability. Key to evaluating what worked, and for effective, highly relevant follow-up with attendees.

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Content Sharing

Start a long-term dialogue by sharing pre-loaded content with attendees, at just the right moment to maximize engagement.

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Sponsors and Exhibitors

Deliver value that makes sponsors stick. Secure and satisfy your partners with effective promotion, opportunities to engage, and real-time event insights.

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Ask nuanced questions based on individuals’ journeys. Dispatch professional-looking surveys via email and SMS and feed responses into reporting.

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Reporting and Insights

Get real-time interaction data. Understand performance over time for repeat events. Help sales teams prioritize post-event actions.

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