Event App

Deliver an Event App that enhances interactivity, improves networking and offers customisable branding and sponsorship opportunities. 


Beautiful branding. Simple navigation.

With the help of intuitive page designs and customisable branding opportunities, our Event App will help attendees navigate the event with ease whilst ensuring you deliver an Event App that looks awesome – here’s how:

  • From the Login page to menu headers, from page layouts to sponsorship opportunities – customise the look and feel to suit your brand
  • Simple, visual Agenda display with auto-navigation and ‘on now’ highlights to show what sessions are currently taking place
  • Customisable Sponsor & Exhibitor listings, Speaker profiles, Resource pages and more – configure the Event App experience to suit your event

Utilise interactive features to engage audiences

With built-in Q&A features, access to related session materials, and Announcements – the Jomablue Event App will have your audiences more connected to speakers, content and the event than ever. Attendees can:

  • Ask questions in real-time, with moderation functionality for organisers
  • Vote for popular questions to promote these to the speaker
  • Connect remote audiences via shared Q&A from the Event App
  • Access related session materials for download, directly from the Event App
  • Trigger Announcements with survey links or related content after a session has been attended

Never miss a connection with Networking

Finding the right people to connect with can be a challenge. Our Networking features helps foster better connections – here’s how:

  • Our Intelligent Networking algorithm provides recommendations based on shared interests, sessions attended, content downloaded and profiling details provided at registration
  • Private 1:1 chat means you can connect with anyone, anywhere and arrange to meet onsite at your convenience
  • Once approved, connections can share contact information 
  • Search for connections by Company, Name or Job Title

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