We have deleted our servers to get ready for massive events!

  • New Jomablue serverless architecture model powers events at a massive scale with ease.

Back to Corporate Live Events

  • Can you feel it? That pent-up demand for live, in-person experiences? Discover why you must master hybrid events to prepare for a safe return to in-person.

Tune into Mental Health Month 2021

  • The World Health Organisation has listed mental health as a key component of overall health & wellbeing. What can you do in the workplace to support mental health?

A dash of automation magic

  • Customer experience is shaped by the timing and relevance of interactions. Automation helps you boost CX for event attendees by enabling marketing personalization, at scale. 

Jomablue Q&A

  • Jomablue is delighted to offer a built-in Q&A feature that further enables event organizers to deliver a rich event experience within the platform. 

Jomablue Live Stream – for Simulated Live

  • Jomablue Live Stream is the new, built-in solution for streaming Simulated Live presentations all from one platform.

Release summary – September 2021

  • Jomablue is driven to provide leading features at the forefront of digital experience. These product enhancements enable customers to deliver better experiences, more quickly and easily, to the benefit of both organizers and event attendees.

How AV professionals can effortlessly host virtual events to fuel growth

  • AV teams could be delivering more value for customers—with appealing virtual event spaces that showcase their productions. The time and effort involved are big barriers: but not when you partner with Jomablue.

Introducing Jomablue Broadcast

  • Jomablue’s Broadcast feature provides a versatile and powerful way for speakers to present live content to an audience. All presenters need is an Internet connection, camera, and audio capabilities.

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