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It's all about the detail - Rethinking the Event Check-in Experience

by Cath Tyler / September 26, 2016 / Customer Success

There are so many important elements to consider when you're planning an event. From choosing the best date in an already crowded industry event calendar and securing the right venue to designing an engaging program and selecting speakers who are thought leaders. It's a relief to have everything in place. It's a relief to have everything in place. Then the big day arrives. Now it's time to really WOW them. And it all starts at check-in.

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Jomablue announced as finalist in 4 categories at global EventTech awards

by Cath Tyler / September 25, 2016 / News

Jomablue has been announced as a finalist in four categories at this year's Event Technology Awards. Launched in 2013, the Event Technology Awards are globally recognised as the premier awards for the event technology sector. The awards recognise those pushing the boundaries in innovative event technology worldwide.

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RFID and NFC at Events

by Cath Tyler / June 14, 2016 / Tech Update

Live events are seeing a big take up of digital products and some are having an immediate positive impact on the attendee experience. Among the technology are the terms RFID and NFC. It can be confusing as RFID and NFC are in the same family of technologies. Think of NFC like a branch of RFID. Both use an antenna built into a physical item like a card or a wristband.

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How does your exhibition measure up

by Cath Tyler / July 22, 2016 / Customer Success

The internet is awash with discussion around new disrupting technologies. These disrupters are making use of data and technology to challenge the old monopolies. Exhibitions are a prime opportunity of where this can happen. Organisers in an increasingly challenging environment need to respond to exhibitors and sponsors looking for more value than ever from an exhibition.

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