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Discover the Live Engagement Platform

We believe innovative event technology is at the heart of every successful event. It should be seamless, engage 100% of your attendees and capture data at every touchpoint.

Our industry-leading Live Engagement Platform is a comprehensive and fully-integrated solution that puts the power to create and execute extraordinary event experiences in your hands.

Flexible, interactive and packed with must-have features, this powerful platform will effortlessly deliver the results you need – before, during and after your event.

Our customers are raving fans

When you partner with Jomablue, you're in good company.
Customers around the world trust us to deliver event analytics and drive business value for stakeholders.

Xero has relied on Jomablue for 4 years to deliver state of the art technology at their events, from flawless high speed WiFi for 3,000 people to extending event value with complete digital experiences.

Chartered Accountants rely on Jomablue for ease and accuracy in awarding CPD and CPE accreditation to their members as well as gathering insights about their events.                                                                                

Safesforce relies on Jomablue to ensure their demanding technical requirements are met. Venues often don't provide the level of service or due diligence required for such a high profile technology client.

Woolworths Supermarkets rely on Jomablue to support their store managers for their annual conference, where the digital experience is critical to success.                                                                                                   

Google rely on Jomablue to deliver uninterrupted services at their events. For a cloud company, reliability is key to the success of their event.                    

Amazon Web Services rely on Jomablue to deliver a total technology solution for their events, ensuring complete success when in the public and media eye.                                

Our team is your team

From initial planning through to onsite execution and ongoing support after your event, we're with you every step of the way.

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