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Keeping you up to date with all the latest Jomablue features and releases.

Our customer-centric approach to product design means we are constantly striving to improve the usability of our product to further empower customers with valuable insights into the event experience. Our customers are therefore an integral part of our process in prioritising what updates/releases to put into development. Here you can see our monthly re-cap of any product updates or releases;

April 2018

  • Ability for portal users to create and manage event emails with a user-friendly drag and drop editor
  • Ability to change the event email structure, attach documents, include social links, include video links and more
  • Ability to show/hide email content blocks on mobile vs desktop, keeping relevant information visible on all devices
  • Ability to customise email subject and personalise the email using attendee name
  • Ability to send test emails for review before sending scheduling a campaign
  • Improved the email UI within portal by allowing sorting and grouping by name and email type
  • Ability to easily and quickly preview emails without opening the editor
  • Ability to preview emails in both desktop and mobile view
  • Added Touchpoint interactions under a person’s interactions log to display a full history of their activity at an event

March 2018

  • Improved security when exporting vendor leads by preventing reuse of export link once opened
  • Improved security when downloading files from the portal by reducing download link validity after use
  • Improved security for Jomablue and App login requests by setting a rate limit for SMS sends
  • Improved portal security through better handling of auto-logout time of inactive users
  • Ability to configure engagement scoring for interactions from within the portal
  • Ability to export an attendee engagement score report
  • Improved post-event consumption of event data by maintaining CRM campaign codes across Sessions and Exhibitors
  • Improved person export efficiency by 400%
  • Ability to make quick adjustments to session start/end times and buffer times from within the gridview
  • Added sort order functionality for sessions based on name, location, date/time
  • Allow portal users to manage paid registration support requests via the portal

February 2018

  • Improved the email template preview in vendor portal for Firefox users
  • Easier import of vendor data by allowing specific vendor domain names to be used
  • Order logs are displayed to provide greater insights into customer transactions
  • Admin users have the ability to add a Purchase Order Number when manually generating an ETA order from the portal
  • Implement a double-step confirmation when cancelling an order
  • Improved data protection by requiring 2 Factor Authentication for user login
  • Improved validation of mobile phone numbers
  • Improved readability of attendee record fields by removing placeholder names
  • Ability to offer additional products to people who have already paid and registered for an event
  • Resolved issue of incorrect registration time for an attendee displaying when linking between multiple events (i.e. roadshows)
  • Improved report exports by removing unnecessary characters from column headings
  • Allow door staff to permit entry to attendees not registered for a restricted session using the override function
  • Allow exhibitors to see number of leads captured and other insights directly on their device
  • Auto-save of notes/tags enabled on lead capture devices when tapping an attendee’s Smart Badge

January 2018

  • Admin users have the ability to view an order summary, detailing cost and key information about an order
  • Admin users have the ability to click to view further details about an order
  • Admin users can view person(s) linked to an order and from a person to a linked order
  • Further enhanced bulk import data validations (line breaks, carriage returns, spaces in emails)
  • Admin users can publish/unpublish event locations so as to hide them from appearing on the App
  • Admin users can create and manage surveys within the portal
  • Admin users have the ability to export survey results from the portal
  • Admin users have the ability to send ‘Test’ e-ticket campaigns for approval
  • Display an attendee’s journey at an event by displaying interactions they have
  • Improved portal login security through addition of lockout and logging functionality
  • Improved portal view of session agenda by including ‘grid view’ option
  • Display within a person’s record whether they are a user (logged in) of the App
  • Ability to add a person’s photo to their record within portal
  • Improved data security through new profile restrictions for financial reporting