What is Simulated Live?

Take control of your virtual events like never before.

Simulated Live is a presentation option where event organizers create a pre-recorded video file and set it to play at a specific time as if it were live. This is different from an on-demand video where a viewer can click on the video and play it whenever they like. A simulated live presentation performs the same as a live stream where content is shared in real-time.

Why is Simulated Live a smart option for virtual events?

Every event planner has encountered challenging scenarios that come hand-in-hand with hosting live-streamed events. For example technical audio/video malfunctions or speakers being unavailable at the last minute.

What if there was a better way to conduct live presentations without facing these risks?

Simulated live presentations allow for pre-recorded content to be created and edited prior to the live event. This allows for the ability to solve any technical issues that come up in the lead-up to the event, or during the presentation. Once the recording is completed organizers can edit as required or enhance the best parts. Best of all, multi-speaker presentations come together with ease after some simple editing.

Speakers also benefit from the flexibility of this presentation format, now able to record their presentation from any location at a time that suits their schedule. 

Viewers will experience the session as if they are attending a live presentation. You can build anticipation just like a live stream – if they are late to the session then they will miss out on the content. This perception can be enhanced by having a live chat during the presentation and Q&A after the stream. Think about including some video content before the presentation (called pre-roll) and after it ends to maintain authenticity.

How does it work?

Once a session video file is created, event planners simply upload the file to Jomablue. The presentation is then scheduled to play at the start of the session. We recommend 10-15 minutes of pre-roll content before the presentation starts to allow viewers to arrive and settle into the session.


What does it look like?

To a viewer, a simulated live presentation looks exactly like a live stream. The difference is the presentation is actually pre-recorded so producers are in control of all the variables around speakers, scripts, production, and technical elements.

For more information about simulated live sessions or to discuss which style of presentation is most suitable for your event, speak to one of our experts.

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