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What is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are driving down costs and transforming the way organizations build and deliver apps to such an extent that they have changed how we define what an app is. Previously users would have to download an app from the Apple App or Google Play stores and store it on their mobile device. PWAs, however, utilize advancements in browser-based technology to present the same experience and valuable information while removing this significant barrier to use.

A PWA is an app, just like any other, but it uses the web browser (e.g. Safari or Chrome) already installed on a user’s mobile device as a wrapper or shell. Users simply save a link to their home screen where the app appears in exactly the same way as those they have downloaded from a store. PWAs support the same custom branding opportunities, offline mode and rich data display but eliminate the need for timely and costly downloads.

In addition to improving the experience for event delegates, this new approach delivers big cost savings for organizers. Firstly, PWAs reduce creative workload: it’s not uncommon to produce up to 16 different images for use in the app store. That design time and cost goes away almost entirely when using a PWA.

Secondly, apps downloaded from stores are tightly controlled by their providers. They set the rules and change guidelines whenever they want. The apps they host need to be approved, which can be confusing and time consuming while app providers try to get it right. This also causes uncertainty about when an app can be released, as the time it will take to gain approval is never known upfront. With PWA technology, users simply click on a link and are ready to go, eliminating frustrating delays and unnecessary costs.

The results? Jomablue Event App engagement increased by 50% year on year following the change to a PWA. And we aren’t the only ones seeing results like these. Leading businesses across many industries are singing the praises of PWA apps, demonstrating measurable increases in engagement and conversion for their audiences.

It seems that removing download delays, streamlining the user experience, and reducing barriers to use improves customer engagement. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Jomablue is excited to have again taken the lead in the use of this new technology and we are seeing measurable benefits for our clients. Businesses reach more attendees with their event content when using Jomablue Mobile Event App.

To utilize this exciting new technology for your next event app, contact the Jomablue team.

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