Create Virtual and Hybrid Events

Reach your audience regardless of their location


  • Professional event experiences hosted online

  • Multiple engagement tools on every page

  • End-to-end feature support such as Registration, Networking, Surveys and more

  • Insight features provide real-time data demonstrating engagement with sessions and sponsors

  • Australian based head office and support services

Choose the leading event management platform

Create Virtual Sessions

Host event programs online with virtual sessions presented across a single, or multiple days

Retain Sponsor Value

Provide brand, session and lead capture support for sponsors and retain value in a virtual environment

Increase Attendee Engagement

Personalized session agendas, announcements, networking suggestions, live chat and more

Create Virtual Events with Jomablue

Reach your audience regardless of their location

  • Host events online so attendees can join from remote locations
  • Host event content for a longer period of time to increase exposure and visibility 
  • Engage your audience with experiences to support in-person, virtual and hybrid events

Create highly professional experiences 

  • Launch online session pages that bring together multiple elements such as live stream presentations, networking and Q&A tools in one place
  • Branded, professional page presentation compliments your event creative
  • Support sponsors with brand exposure and lead capture opportunities

Data insights at every step

  • Real-time insight data from every step of your virtual event provides organizers with a detailed understanding of how sessions and content performed
  • One platform to deliver insights across virtual, hybrid and in-person events
  • Sophisticated event intelligence tools provide deeper attendee insights that reach across an entire organization

Jomablue is trusted by leaders in their field

Create Virtual Events with Jomablue