Virtual and Hybrid Event Platform

Discover a unique approach to online experience design


  • Flexible page design creates a unique experience for your audience

  • Multiple networking and engagement tools designed to hold attention

  • End-to-end feature support such as Registration, Lead Capture, Post-event Reporting and more

  • Insight features provide real-time data demonstrating engagement with sessions and sponsors

  • Australian head office and support team 

Create a virtual event experience

Facilitate Interactive Experiences

Connection recommendations and group networking tools. Supports chat, Q&A, and round table discussions.

Multiple Engagement Tools

Reach every attendee with live stream, video on demand, content downloads, and interactive session experiences.

Focus on Attendee Engagement

Flexible page design presents extensive interaction opportunities on vibrant, branded pages.

Create Virtual Events with Jomablue

Engage your audience 

  • Host events online so attendees can join from remote locations
  • Host event content for a longer period of time to increase exposure and visibility 
  • Engage your audience with experiences to support in-person, virtual and hybrid events

Create a unique experience every time 

  • Create online session pages that bring together multiple elements such as live stream presentations, networking, and Q&A tools in one place
  • Flexible page design creates a unique event experience 
  • Support sponsors with brand exposure and lead capture opportunities

Data insights at every step

  • Real-time insight data from every step of your virtual event provides organizers with a detailed understanding of how sessions and content performed
  • One platform to deliver insights across virtual, hybrid and in-person events 
  • Sophisticated event intelligence tools provide deeper attendee insights that reach across an entire organization

Jomablue is trusted by leaders in their field

Create Virtual Events with Jomablue