Bring your community together 

Lock-down and social distancing rules have changed the shape of event planning, most likely forever. However, adapting to change is part of an event planner’s DNA so it’s not surprising that the industry has responded so successfully. Almost overnight, virtual events have met the immediate need for businesses to reach their audiences, even during challenging times.

Jomablue Community creates highly impressive experiences for attendees of virtual events while continuing to capture the event intelligence for which Jomablue is known. Businesses can bring their community together by hosting virtual events while large scale business events aren’t possible. Once COVID restrictions end, online event content can reach both in-person and remote audiences with hybrid events hosted in Community.

Virtual event experiences

Community is the home of virtual event experiences in a similar way to how a physical venue is the home of an in-person event. 

Attendees begin their event-day journey by receiving an SMS or email. A single click takes them to the event’s Lobby page, which is designed to be similar to a venue’s reception area.  The Lobby showcases general event information and offers a quick and secure log-in solution. This is similar to how arrivals at a live event check-in as they enter a venue.

Once a user has logged in, the Lobby page reveals more details about the event, e.g. a list of sessions, sponsor logos, networking suggestions, and key announcements. Arrivals can decide what they would like to do next: attend a session, visit a sponsor, see who is available for networking, etc.

Create virtual sessions 

Most likely, your attendees are interested in joining a session in order to access your event content. Detailed session pages bring together multiple engagement tools in Community to deliver content in a number of ways. For example, a live presentation can stream while viewers download slides, product sheets, or research papers. Viewers can also participate and submit questions to speakers. It’s hard for anyone to sit and listen for more than a few minutes but these deliberate distractions keep attendees engaged by giving them things to do as they watch and listen.

Retain sponsor value

Sponsor value is retained during a virtual event through the presentation of their messages to your audience.

Dedicated sponsor pages allow exhibitors to engage with attendees by presenting videos or downloadable content. Lead capture opportunities exist too, encouraging sponsors to interact directly with attendees. They simply click the ‘contact me’ button and lead data is shared with that exhibitor.

Sponsor logos displayed in the Lobby or inside a session direct attendees to view sponsor pages. Levels of sponsorship can be created by offering more or less brand exposure throughout virtual event pages.

Engage with your audience

Virtual events have proven to be a highly successful option for our customers impacted by COVID-19. We predict that once in-person events return, providing online event experiences will continue to benefit businesses in a number of ways.

Firstly, anyone attending an event in person can still benefit from comprehensive online content to enhance their physical experience. In a similar way to how an event app presents agenda and session detail, Community also holds session workbooks, networking opportunities, video on demand, and Q&A tools to create a far richer experience.

Secondly, hybrid events can engage both in-person and remote audiences. Live sessions can be streamed to reach those who can’t, or choose not to, attend in person. Community can also host content for a predefined period of time. Keynote sessions can be accessed for days after the live event, enabling more people to find and view that session.

Finally, by combining event data captured from both in-person and virtual event interactions, businesses can share further information that directly meets a customer’s needs. You can schedule sales and marketing campaigns or send event invitations based on the interests attendees display during your event to extend their engagement well beyond event day.

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