Use event intelligence to add value for vendors

Exhibitors and sponsors (Vendors) are the heart of any great event. They bring in essential revenue and, put simply, they give attendees a reason to turn up. For events teams, attracting and supporting vendors is a key measure of success, but supporting vendors to get the most from their investment in an event is not always easy. 

So how does Jomablue do it?

We use mobile technology to transform the way event organizers manage vendors, enabling them to capture better leads, improve their conversation rates, maximize their own ROI and ultimately keep them coming back year after year. 

Here’s how.

Jomablue helps vendors gather rich data about leads

Data is king but not all data is equal; remember the days when lead targets focused on the number of business cards collected? Things have moved on and now and we can all expect much more. 

With Jomablue’s tap-and-go technology attendees can opt in to hear more from vendors in an unobtrusive way, while vendors can ascribe a value (e.g. HOT, WARM, COLD) to each lead and add information about a lead (e.g. name of salesperson) or match their business CRM tags.

Jomablue transforms event follow-up with targeted relevant messages

Now you have the data, what are you going to do with it? Technology allows vendors to implement a targeted campaign immediately. Pre-populated email templates allow vendors to select the relevant message for each lead. As a lead walks away from a stand, a follow up email arrives in their inbox with the data sheet, web page link or white paper. At the end of an event vendors can immediately access a complete downloaded list of leads, along with any notes or tags that have been added. 

The result? Sales teams have a full list of everyone they spoke to, sorted by product interest and likelihood of purchase. Hot leads can be targeted immediately while the meeting is still fresh in their mind.

Jomablue delivers an integrated event management solution

Everything is managed in a single location. Organizers enter data in just one place, across an entire event, increasing efficiency and accuracy. In this case, Vendor information is shared seamlessly across lead capture and the Mobile Event App.

Jomablue troubleshoots tech issues

What happens if things go wrong? Event day is busy and organizers don’t want unhappy vendors with lead capture issues. Technology itself is the answer, enabling vendors to work directly with Jomablue when issues arise.

Vendors can view a summary of all leads collected, even when multiple devices are used on one stand. This helps identify issues early, giving them peace of mind. Using the Teleport feature, vendors can send a cry for help. Jomablue organizers will be at the exhibitor’s stand in moments. What’s more, the event dashboard gives a real-time summary of activity taking place across an entire event, including how many leads each vendor is collecting. This amazing tool enables event organizers to monitor activity and to investigate potential lead capture issues proactively, when a stand seems slower than expected.

Technology has transformed vendor management at events by improving the ease of gathering data and generating better return on event investment. Simple management that delivers more for less means happy vendors. And happy vendors means success for you.

To transform the way you manage your vendors, contact the Jomablue team now.